Cindy – Life is a Highway and I’m Stuck In The Slow Lane

Does anyone else feel that way sometimes?  Anyway, it’s been a busy few weeks.  I’ve been really good about going to the gym and doing some great workouts.  I even tried an interval/circuit workout that TOTALLY wiped me out.  DH and I had a Gym Date last week and I worked him hard.  He kept up with me though, go DH!  We have another date scheduled, I’m looking forward to it!  Hope he is too.

Anyway, as we were leaving the gym, I asked DH what he was listening to during his workout – thinking it would be some awesome 80’s rock.  Well, I was wrong.  He was listening to an audiobook!  It led me to wonder two things, 1) what do other people listen to while working out and 2) do I need new workout music?

Let me first tell you that I really like music, I like to move to music and I’m fond of all sorts of music.  I haven’t really gotten into Heavy Metal or Rap but I also haven’t listened to a lot of it.

Second thing, I’ll tell you my top three songs.  These are songs that ALWAYS make it onto my workout playlists because of the inspiration they give.

Affirmation by Savage Garden

Defying Gravity from the WICKED soundtrack

I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor.

By the way, I Will Survive popped up on my playlist for the Triathlon.  It hit while I was biking.  I needed that song SO badly at that point.

It’s not just for the Beats per Minute to set a good rhythm that I listen to music while I work out.  It’s also for entertainment and inspiration.  I usually set my mp3 player on shuffle and just when I need it, usually at the last 10 minutes of a tough treadmill workout, something inspirational comes up and my mind and body goes Yeah, I can finish this!

So I’d like to know, what do you listen to while you workout?  What inspires you during those though gotta get through them moments?


So I’m not sure if it was the new Playlist or what, but I hit a POWER DAY – those days when you are INVINCIBLE.  Where everything you touch comes out golden, where you have energy to burn and your workouts are just SO awesome you push yourself harder than you ever have before.

Well I just had one of those!  SQUEE!

A 30 minute walk on the treadmill included a 0.4 mile RUN!  Yes, I RAN!  I am sooooooooo proud of myself.

My weight training included an 80lb chest press!  I remember when I had trouble with 50lbs!


I’ve been working on getting my food journal and food choices back on track.  Darn that nice weather with the ice cream sandwiches and the Girl Guide Cookies!  They’re all gone now, thank goodness, so back on track with the food journal.  I haven’t weighed myself or retaken measurements, but I feel good and that’s what’s important.

Until next time!

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5 Responses to Cindy – Life is a Highway and I’m Stuck In The Slow Lane

  1. Barbara says:

    I listen to podcasts when I run solo, usually about health, fitness and running because I feel super-efficient when I do. I try to run with a group, though, and that means I just talk with others. When i run, I get distracted and might lose the thread of the story on an audiobook.

    I want to try out the Zombies Run app but it isn’t available for Android yet and I’ve had trouble with Run, Zombies.

    I love that your husband goes to the gym with you, by the way.

    • Lara C W says:

      yes, i love it that you go together too! i am a trainer and i cannot even get my husband to let me train him even though we could do so much just at home!

  2. melodiecardin says:

    My power song is “Are you gonna be my girl” by Jet because it’s just so upbeat!

  3. Sabby says:

    Some days it is Rage Against the Machine/Beastie Boys, some days it is just continuous trance mix. The other day I tried some Deadmau5. Awesome.

  4. Lara C W says:

    Purple Rain by Prince. I actually air drum and air guitar to it when I am running. people i am SURE think I am crazy. Best line? i know i know times are changing, it’s time we all reach out for something new, that means you to, You say you want a leader, but you can’t seem to make up your mind, i think you better close it, and let me guide you, to the Purple Rain. For me that song is all about being strong in your decisions, loving yourself, and going for it. and since running for me is also very emotional (i use it as a stress reducer), it’s always on my running playlist.

    I have about 180 songs on my wireless mp3 headphones so it’s always a surprise what comes on during a run or workout….could be classical music when i need to calm my mind, to dance/hip-hop when i need to pick up the pace, all the way to OASIS, COLDPLAY and Our Lady Peace mixes.

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