Samantha – Finding my Anchor

Well it has happened, my weight loss has slowed and I have even bumped up a pound and a half and stayed there for the past two weeks.  I am no closer to my 5% goal with WW than I was the last time I posted.

I have been working out harder and started taking classes to switch things up, but I have also been taking more liberties with my eating the last few weeks. An extra nibble here, a sweet or salty snack there, so very counterproductive to all of the kicking I have been doing in the gym. At my WW meetings my leader often reiterates the same thing about why we revert back to what we KNOW are bad habits…it’s all mental, for whatever reason, maybe stress, maybe nerves, maybe happiness – celebrations often in food sort of settings. But if I know that I shouldn’t be letting myself take so many liberties, why am I taking them?!

Since I have been struggling with this the last couple of weeks when the topic of overcoming challenges and obstacles came up at a meeting I was tuned in and working out the questions my leader was asking in my head before the meeting was even over. I have the tools and resources needed to make the right choices all of the time, so when I make those poor choices or don’t track a meal or day because I didn’t plan it out well enough; it puts me in a funk. I need to find and focus on my anchor when I am feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or flustered.

I want to always feel committed to staying on track, whether that is in a social setting where there is the pressure to overeat or whether I am stressed out and looking to binge. In the past I have been successful in staying on track with eating and my fitness and when I was 100% on track I felt so much pride and satisfaction with myself.  After a hard workout I love the way my face looks.   It might be all in my head but my cheekbones look more defined and I have that awesome post workout glow – this is what drives me during workouts and pushes me to get there when I don’t really want to get it done. When I have a good eating day, I feel empowered and my stomach doesn’t get that weirdo food baby look to it. 

If these are the two things that help me stay on track with eating and working out then that is what I am going to use as my anchors – my cheekbones and non food baby belly.  It’s a small something but it’s something that I can focus on and keep me on track when I want to step off the path. When I want to grab some unhealthy food I am going to journal anything that I am thinking or feeling, I am going to continue to write until I’ve talked myself down from the proverbial ledge and remind myself how uncomfortable I feel after eating poorly or over eat. When I feel like skipping a workout I am going to remind myself how great I feel, and how defined my cheekbones look to me.

After a few slow weeks I am hoping that the coming weeks will be better, more focused, more dedicated and on point. I know all of these bumps are part of the process but trying to be proactive and preventing them doesn’t hurt either.

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2 Responses to Samantha – Finding my Anchor

  1. shonaturner says:

    Samantha, I think you have a great attitude. There will always be bumps in the road, and it’s how we deal with them that matters. You are figuring things out! Self-talk is a big part of this journey (and conquering those mental games we play with ourselves). Sounds like you are getting this stuff under control, I bet you see some positive results soon! :)

  2. Katie Squires says:

    I read your post yesterday morning and it had me thinking about my anchor all day long…then I tucked them into bed last night and smiled :) thank-you

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