Wordywort – Taking a break without taking a break

Well, the trip to visit my family in North Carolina turned out to be a success. My goal was to run three times during that week, but I actually ran four times, as well as taking a few good walks. In a phone call after I got back to Ottawa, my mom even said that she was proud of me. That meant a lot. The scale was up 1.9 pounds when I got home (instead of the usual five after a family visit), but I lost that weight within a few days. But since then the scale has been bouncing around due a rough week that required too much convenience food, followed by Easter weekend, which featured a bit of indulgence. My runs are also making me hungrier, so I think I need to be a bit more deliberate with my snacking. Actually, I’m usually not hungry at all after I run, but 2-3 hours later, I am ravenous. So that’s one thing I could use some advice on – how do you refuel without eating back every calorie you just burned? 

If I keep my eye on the big picture, which is somewhat easier to do now that I have a decent track record of slow but steady progress, I think things are going well overall. I am eating fairly well without tracking (which I somehow seem to have dropped a couple of months ago during an illness) and I am running three times a week religiously, often outdoors – an idea that made me anxious in theory, but which I love in practice.
What’s concerning me at the moment is trying to figure out if I have an injury, and whether it was caused by running, hauling thirty pounds of toddler, or sleeping in a funny position (I actually suspect option b). The pain is not that bad, and I really don’t feel anything if I’m in the right position, but it’s not something I want to get worse. It’s in the hip/butt/lower back region – maybe my sciatic nerve? So I’m not going to be running until that has cleared up, and I have my fingers crossed that it will clear up soon.
At any rate, I am inching closer to the 30-minute run, and I feel like it’s the exercise that’s been driving my weight loss, both because it burns calories and because I want to eat smarter in order to make my exercise worthwhile. So I’m worried that with less running, I need to be watching my intake more closely. Which frankly I’m not in the mood to do. I am in the mood to exercise <— words I never thought I’d say. So I’d better keep moving. But how?
Yesterday was a run day, but I couldn’t run. And it was rainy, so I couldn’t walk the dog. What could I do? NOTHING, said the demon on my left shoulder. MOVE, said the angel on my right. Luckily, last week, Katie of LIO fame wrote a post here about exercise DVDs. After reading that, I went on a bit of a lark and put a hold on a number of DVDs at the public library. Just taking that step provoked some anxiety. But yesterday, I knew there was one there waiting for me. So I quit work at the appointed time (I was tempted to just keep working), drove to the library to pick up the DVD (though I forgot the library book that was due that day), came home and changed (a prime opportunity to talk myself out of this), pried the babyproofing device off the TV cabinet (for some reason, my husband wifeproofed the whole house when baby started crawling), found that our poor excuse for a DVD player is apparently no longer hooked up to the TV (because we watch almost everything via download these days), brought my laptop into the other room (by this point, it had become a thing) and popped in the disc. After that many setbacks, I only had time to try two of the ten-minute workouts, but I was very pleased with myself that I had done any exercise at all. 
The cardio workout was fun, and actually got my heart pumping. Even though I remain terribly uncoordinated, I can tell that running has really strengthened my legs, as well as my heart and lungs. The upper body strength workout did not go as well, but that’s to be expected, since I have the world’s weakest arms. Especially the pushups – apparently you can put a stability ball under your ankles or thighs, but all I could do was flail around. Maybe next time. 
And that next time, the one that hasn’t happened yet, is the one I am most proud of. Even though I am not running at the moment, and even though I am not motivated to track my eating right now, and even though I am not good at a Simon Says type of workout, I am determined to keep moving, and have found a new way to do it.  
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4 Responses to Wordywort – Taking a break without taking a break

  1. Lara C W says:

    Your visit home sounds really successful, all of it really! And what perseverance with the exercise DVD! Congrats!

    With respect to recuelling it really is necessary and can totally be done and still lose weight. Because of the additional exercise on a training day it increases your basal metabolic rate which means your allowable calories are higher than on a non training day. Depending on how long your runs are, I would stay away from a standard sports energy drink during your run (runs of up to an hour depending on external temperatures) are usually ok just w water. Afterwards, have a small nutrient dense snack of a medium to high GI carb (to get into your blood right away) and lean protein within 15-45min. Smoothies are great for this. Or easier a bagel w peanut butter and piece of fruit. Really it depends on the length and intensity of your workout.

  2. Moosilaneous says:

    You are awesomeness itself. Oh, the perseverance you have shown!
    From back in the day when I was exercising, here’s my advice: as soon as you feel up to it after working out, eat something with a little protein and a little easy to get into you carb, as suggested above. Don’t rush to eat when the idea is repugnant, but do it before you get hungry!

  3. Katie Squires says:

    You know what? your fitness and health venture of really turned into a LIFESTYLE…your making it work and fitting it in..and your excelling ;) I am really proud of you. Grinning ear to ear over here!

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