Cindy – Good Intentions and Motivation

Wow, some awesome posts lately on this blog.  I can’t help feeling that I’ll just be saying the same thing over and over again.  But, someone told me once that we need to hear something 3 times before it sinks in.  This might be Number 4.

So things haven’t gone so well the last two weeks.  We’re just getting into a new schedule with classes for Pirate Pants so my trips to the gym have been few and far between.  I’m trying to make sure everyone is happy and gets what they need and I’m not getting what I want or need – namely my trips to the gym and my swimming (haven’t swum in OVER 2 weeks!).  I thought maybe I’d be smart enough to do a belly dancing or Hula fitness video I picked up on the cheap……yeah, that didn’t happen.  I thought maybe I would use the Wii…..yeah, that didn’t happen either.  I downloaded a workout for my iPod…yeah, that’s only taking up memory at this point.

Then I got attacked by the Timbit monster.  ‘Nuff said.  Now Easter has just passed.

Well, I’m out of excuses.  Easter Monday, dark and early, I’m heading out to the gym.  DH has the day off so I will take my time, have a FANTASTIC workout, maybe even swim (if I remember to shave my legs), and come home exhausted and ready to join the family nap that will probably be happening.  Or maybe I’ll start the family nap.  His Waggyness The Dog is always up for one of those.

Why is it so easy to lose motivation?  I have a bit of a goal (I want to be below my pre-pregnancy weight by my OB appointment in May) but I can’t seem to see my self getting there.  I’m at my pre-pregnancy weight now and I’m slacking off.  It reminds my of high school when you left your assignments until the last minute and then went Meh, I’ll get the grade I get and as long as I pass it’s all good.  Is this some part of my psyche that I need to deal with or are we all this way?  I’d really like to know.


OK, need to end on a positive note.  The day didn’t start off as I meant it to, but DH and I did chase Pirate Pants through a museum so that counts for something right?  I did end up swimming 300m in the afternoon, but it’s better than nothing.  And I do feel so much better.  Already planning what I’m going to do tomorrow.

Until next time!

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