Tracey: Slacking, Running and FLYING!

Last time I posted, I was taking a self-imposed hiatus from my rigorous (well, to me!) workout schedule.  I decided to pull the brakes a little and do some coasting.

The last two weeks, I think I’ve given myself a little too much freedom in the eating department, allowing foods I don’t usually eat to surface and just generally slipping a little. The good news is, it hasn’t all been for nothing, as I’ve learned some good lessons. One of those is that it is an easy slope for me to skid down at warp speed if I’m not observant, and the second being that while I’ve changed many of my eating habits-if a party or occasion (or any excuse really!) surfaces, I’m prone to going all out. The positive in this is that I recognize these things now and can be prepared for situations as they arise, armed with alternative counter behaviours!

Workout wise, I’ve been doing some yoga and mostly keeping my focus on running. As the weather has warmed up, it seemed a natural time for me to take my running outside. Last fall was when I laced up and hit the roads, and it wasn’t pretty. I wasn’t sure how it would go many months of treadmill later, but it’s been AMAZING.

My first run I got out there and decided just to go as long as I could, and walk when I needed. That’s it! I just wanted it to be fun and simple. I ended up jogging for 10 minutes, walking 3 minutes, and jogging another 10! I really, really couldn’t believe it because in the fall I struggled with running 3 or 4 minutes. Clearly my endurance and cardio had improved thanks to Booty Camp. Honestly, I cried. I’ve had: “Do a 5k” on my Bucket List forever, and while that might not seem far or hard to many of you, as a lifelong “non-runner” it seemed impossible to me.  After that first run, it finally, for the first time, seemed like I might actually be able to do it at some point! That felt truly incredible!

I’ve run that same pattern a few times now, even taking it to some trails and adding an extra 5 minutes at the end. It’s still an ugly run, I still struggle and am slow as molasses, but I’m out there doing it, craving it, missing it when it’s a day that I’m not running. That’s got to be a good thing, right? I don’t have any aspirations of running a half marathon or anything, I don’t think that I’m hardcore enough for that, but a 5k would literally thrill me beyond belief!

As extra incentive, my husband even came out with me last night for a run! He hasn’t really worked out in a year or so, and he was never a runner, but he’s naturally athletic.  We got out there, and right off the bat he jogged the first 10 minutes with me no problem. The second 10 were a little less him running and a lot more just me, but he picked it up again for the final 5 minutes. I was SO happy, endorphins shooting out everywhere, that we did this together, that he took the time even though it’s not his thing, and that he admitted at the end that he was proud of me for “kicking his butt.”  I’m teary just writing that, actually.  If I had a cape at that moment, I might have been able to fly. I felt THAT high. I don’t know if he’ll go again with me, but even if he doesn’t, I appreciate his support and those words of encouragement.

I stepped on the scale this morning, worried what it would show after my two weeks of debauchery, and there was a 3 lb loss!!! I jumped back on about 4x because I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Clearly, that little break was what my body needed, and I feel even more ready for anything, now!

I’ve got my friends lined up for more runs, I start Booty Camp again in two weeks, and I just feel so motivated to get to my goal because of my own inner voice, but also because of my friends and ALL OF YOU, supporting, encouraging and BELIEVING in me. It’s a great feeling.

Watch me FLY!

Here’s a pic of me during my “Week Off”-enjoying the St.Patty’s Day Parade, followed by lunch at the pub!


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7 Responses to Tracey: Slacking, Running and FLYING!

  1. Julie says:

    Your rock Trace. Really, you do! Fly, fly fly!!!

  2. shonaturner says:

    Hooray! I love this post! You will definitely be able to do that 5k! Congrats on the 3lbs, but more importantly congrats on ‘taking lift off’!

  3. Jess says:

    Love the happiness in this post! You rock!

  4. Jay says:

    Awesome Tracey! I’d be willing to sign up for a 5k in October if you’re interested:) Let me know! I will get my act together an email you about running soon. I totally fell of the eating well wagon when I went to TO last weekend and it’s been a struggle to get back on it but I’m making forward motions to get back on there:)

  5. Laura Bennett-Ferland says:

    I am very thrilled to see how happy you are with your weight loss/ healthy living journey, Tracey! You go girl! Running is hard to start but it is such a great physical activity!

  6. Katie Squires says:

    you are FLYING…so proud of you…you have really taking to the running! Go GIRL GO!

  7. Barbara says:

    It’s so hard – and counterintuitive – to believe that we need to let go of the tight control sometimes to move past a plateau or get through an injury or whatever but it’s so fabulous when it works. I’m glad you found success. Learning how quickly you can slide into poor choices is sobering isn’t it? I thought I was beyond so many bad behavious that are just lurking.

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