Katie: Strong Support

I spent the morning wondering about what I should blog about this week.  Something told me that you didn’t want to hear about me working out, blah blah blah…yes Katie we know you like to work out (wink).  So I did what I do when I have a moment of doubt, I opened up my laptop and started to post a message in the Losing it in Ottawa  Group.  That’s when I realized I had my answer,  yes my LIO peeps are my inspiration for this week’s blog post.

I feel like bragging about the ladies in this group for a bit.  I have been part of a variety of online groups and forums over the years and I can honesty say that this is the most positive and supportive environment I have come across.  There are a number of very present contributors that share online daily.  There are members that are likely a little more quiet, that read and post less frequently (and are just as important and needed).  We have members that eb and flow with their presence depending on what’s going on in their lives.  But like good old freinds when they come back, its as if no time has past and we take up where we left off.  We get new members and embrace them into our crazy little group with exuberance.  Everyone is truly welcome.  Members share a lot of themselves, I believe because its such a safe and encouraging group.  People are not shy to nuge and push each other to do things, to break out of ruts and comfort zones.  Yet, they are also very nurturing and supportive when someone needs a gentle touch.

We share goals big and small and encourage each other to reach them.  We check in on one another to see how those goals are coming along.  We drive each other to do better.  We share ideas and tips.  We vent our frustrations.  We post our intentions, so that we have someone to hold us accountable to them. We learn from each other, I love that part, I HAVE LEARNT SO MUCH from these women.  My understanding of nutrition and food has really been driven by this group.

We are a diverse group of women: stay at home moms, working women, pregnant women, gamers, runners, scrapbookers, bakers, athletes and more.  We are all on our own journey and finding our own unique way to living a healthy life.  I like that there isn’t any judgment, that there isn’t a SET THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT attitude in the group.  We have members that follow the weight watcher’s program, we have Isagenix   members, people who like whole foods, we have die hard gym rats, pinterest addicts, etc.  But there is most definitely a focus on health and I believe that we have all done a good job of figuring out what that means for us personally.  Not that that means that we follow that 100% of the time.  But there isn’t any fad dieting, crash dieting, it isn’t a “triggering” environment.  I believe that the member’s of this group have a “good head on their shoulders.”

I have come to rely on this group.  They have pumped me up and encouraged me to get out an do things I was ever so nervous about (like auditioning for pump class).  They have talked me out of the crazy place in my head, when I have let my insecurities build up.  Most of all they make me feel special, welcome, and part of something really cool.

I think we all need friends like this, a place like this.  This is something I am truly grateful for.  Thank-you LIO’ers thank-you so very much :)



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About Katie Squires

I am a stay at home mom, with two little girls ages 3 and 5. A former couch potato turned fitness enthusiast, I am on a mission to empower other women to live their best active life. You can follow me at http://fitmominbarrhaven.com/
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4 Responses to Katie: Strong Support

  1. Thank you Katie for your presence in the LIO !

  2. Barbara says:

    I agree. There is a lot of support and celebration happening on the Facebook group. It’s what finally got me in the habit of checking Facebook regularly ;)

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  4. Support is so important. Everyone want support. diverse group of women which help women.
    Nice article , Thanks to share that information with us. Keep it up

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