Katie: A Getaway

This is the tale of my ups and downs trying to be healthy on a recent mini getaway with the family.  There were some really good moments, some struggles, a big AHA moment, and then a bit of an OOPS.  Just sharing the real life stuff here :)

The family and I took a somewhat spur of the moment mini vacation this week, and headed out for 3 days and 2 nights of fun.  We all needed a break and some time together to have fun and reconnect after a long bout of “Daddy” being away for work.  I headed into our mini vacation with my usual, no excuses, attitude toward getting my daily workouts in.  I also wanted to set myself and the family up for healthy eating, and packed the car full of cut up veggies, almonds, homemade banana bread oatmeal, protein pizza muffins, and cinnamon swirl protein bread.  I thought we would all do better on the road with healthy snacks and healthy snacks on hand in our our room.  (I also packed some treats too, wink).

We left Ottawa Sunday, and headed to my parent’s house to drop our dog off.  It was a 4 hour car ride in which we all snacked on healthy food and stayed entertained with our electronic gadgets.  That night my mom made a lovely turkey dinner which I enjoyed with some sense.  I had a 1/4 cup of stuffing and mashed potatoes instead of the usual heaping plate of the past.  But I still ate more then I normally would have, did I mention how good the turkey and caramelized brussel sprouts were?  For dessert, I brought the famous protein cinnamon bread that has been making it way around Pinterest.  My dad said he liked it but that it needed a little FAT! So he added some cream, which made me laugh.  My mom grinned and ate it because she knew Kayleigh helped me make it but I don’t think she liked it much. After dinner I felt the need to move.  Normally, I would have taken Sunday off from working out especially given that I ran a training half marathon the day before (had a PR too) but I knew that I wasn’t going to be getting my usual intensity of workout heading into this getaway, and that coupled with an indulgent dinner I decided on a little after dinner workout at my parents.  My parents have a treadmill but it is not the best and I don’t like to run on it.  I feel like its going to break apart.  So I got on and did speed walking intervals on a incline of 10-15% for 30 min, and then 10 min of core work.  It was just the right amount of exercise to get the endorphins flowing and me feeling good.

Monday, I had planned on running my usual 10km, and doing it out on the Norland hills before we left on our getaway.  But some lung troubles, made switch to an indoor workout.  So I got up early and put in a 45min circuit of HIIT and body weight strength exercises.  I had a great power packed workout for being “at-home” and without gym equipment.  It really is amazing what you can accomplish at home without any fancy stuff.  I felt really good hitting the road for our mini vacation.  Which by the way we surprised the kids with that morning, and it was like Christmas all over again watching their reactions.  Another 3 hour car ride, full of healthy snacks.  I was feeling good about my ability to stay on a “healthy path” while away.  So good that when we arrived in our room and got on our bathing suits I made Ryan take some pics of my “muscles” LOL.

Also sporting my new size 8 (size 16 last summer) bathing suit, that I do not for the record have to "lay my boobs down flat in" as my dear daughter would say!

Just for shiggles...this is one year ago in a bathing suit on the disney cruise...I think I lost 50 pounds in my boobs alone LOL. They did not lay down flat back then :)

That night after an afternoon, of playing in the waterpark, we went to dinner at the resort.  It was buffet style, which normally I hate…but I kind of let go of all my “issues”…ordered the LARGE size glass of wine and ate way too much!  Oh my the dessert was amazing!  I enjoyed every bite and went to bed with a fuzzy happy head.

Tuesday, the plan had been to get up early at 7am and hit the treadmill before the family and I went down to breaky. Kayleigh woke up first and jumped out of bed and had our bathing suits lined up on the bed and the itinerary for the day set up. She was raring and ready to go and so darn infectious and cute in her enthusiasm.  I did not want to leave them to workout, I wanted to go play.  I told myself I would do it later.  We had a breakfast buffet and I ate a healthy breakfast, wanting to balance out my indulgences from the previous evening (I stood in line forever to get my eggwhite and veggie omelet).  I so enjoyed sitting back enjoying my coffee and planning the day with the family.  But it soon dawned on me that there was no time for a workout, not unless I left them for an hour and missed out.  I didn’t want to miss out and yet I felt sick inside about not working out.  I know it sounds silly, Its not like I’m not active (I’ve run 2 half marathons in the last 2 weeks and worked out everyday last week, sometimes twice) and yet I was feeling a rising anxiety about not running.  So I did what I always do I reached out to my Losing it in Ottawa peeps online and posted my anxieties.  And they like they do, they talked some sense into me and I walked away with an AHA MOMENT.  Someone, said the kids (nor I for that matter) will remember if I ran that day, but they would remember a day of fun playing with me.  I needed to let go of my too serious side and to just engage with my family and enjoy the moments we were being gifted with to their fullest.  I have to thank my friends for helping me to do that because that is most certainly what I did.  I wrote it down, posted it to our group, and left the anxiety there.  I love that about this LIO group, and highly suggest joining us if your looking for support.  We all have our own goals and paths to follow and we support each other on all of our unique journeys.  Sometimes, its about helping someone push through the excuses and making sure they make that workout….and sometimes its about helping them see the balance.

Enjoying breaky with Kayleigh

So I let go and I played and I ran the halls of the resort with a magic wand, battling dragons with the kids.  I climbed stairs to whiz down water slides, and I ate the most amazing blue cheese steak dinner and oh the dessert…the dessert did me in again.  Again, I went to bed FULL in every way :) and oh so happy and blessed.

Its now Wednesday, and we our in the car on our way home from our little getaway.

Crazy 3 day unwashed hair in the car look! OH YEAH! Took a pic while blogging in the car :)

I chose not to workout again this morning so I could enjoy our last morning of fun.  I know, living on the edge, TWO DAYS OFF  and in a ROW no less!  Kind of proud of myself :)  I ate another healthy breakfast before heading out to the water park this am.  I had a super active fun filled morning.  But once lunch hit, the anxieties, of our little getaway coming soon coming to an end and the stresses of “back to real life” started to creep back in…and I found myself reaching for food not because I was enjoying my food, but because I was comforting the anxiety happening.  I found myself turning to a larger then needed lunch and some (ok many) treats in the car (yep didn’t touch my bag of cut up veggies on the way home).  I hate that I still allow myself to use food as a coping mechanism.  That I am not free of it completely yet.

But tomorrow is a new day, one that will start with a run (hopefully outside in this beautiful spring like weather) and most importantly I have a ton of new family memories to enjoy and to “Scrapbook” (hehehehe).

About Katie Squires

I am a stay at home mom, with two little girls ages 3 and 5. A former couch potato turned fitness enthusiast, I am on a mission to empower other women to live their best active life. You can follow me at http://fitmominbarrhaven.com/
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6 Responses to Katie: A Getaway

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  2. foxybrown1 says:

    Sounds like you had an amazing trip! :)

  3. Shona says:

    I am glad you found your balance and had such a great time. :) I really think you made the right decisions, you need to enjoy your kids while you can! :) And missing a day or two (gasp!) of running will not break you of your healthy habits. :)

    • Katie Squires says:

      Thank-you Shona :) Sometimes its very hard to let go of the security blanket…and you girls are so good at showing me the bigger picture :)

  4. Krista - The Tech Mom says:

    It’s been awhile since I stopped by the LIO blog and I am glad I did. Katie, reading your stories amazes and inspires me. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us.

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