Barbara – I’d do anything, but I won’t do that

In the 18 months I’ve been Losing it In Ottawa, I’ve developed a list of substitutes and good-better-best choices that I’ve incorporated into my life but there are a number of other food choices that are on the wrong side of a line in my mind. For example:

I will eat low-fat Swiss cheese because I didn’t eat much of it before I started my quest to be healthier and the strong taste carries it but I’ll only eat regular cheddar cheese, even if it means eating less of it, because the creamy taste of my childhood isn’t in the low-fat version.
I now prefer non-fat, plain yogurt (especially Greek). Other kinds make me gag a bit.
Real ice cream is totally worth the fat and calories. My only concession is portion control and frequency. Accept no substitutes!
Eating Red River cereal without brown sugar allows you to taste the nuttiness of the flax seeds. Eating oatmeal without brown sugar is just wrong. Processed cereal, even the high-fibre and high-protein kinds now make my teeth ache. I avoid them.
Natural peanut butter and almond butter have a more intense flavour but if I eat processed peanut butter, I go into withdrawal for the sugar and fat. It’s all or nothing for me.
Vegetables are good for breakfast, even vegetable soup is a good choice. The only non-negotiable is whether to eat breakfast.

How about you? Have you found a healthier substitute to a favourite food? Is there anything that warrants its calories, carbohydrates or fat on a less-frequent basis?

Moving it
I finally went back to the gym. What a crazy mental block I had! A nice fellow showed me Fit Fix (strength circuit at Goodlife) and I spent time on an elliptical machine. I ran three times with my half-marathon group, including an outdoor 9k run on Saturday that featured snowbanks to make it a steeple chase.

I haven’t been able to locate plus-sized technical clothing, beyond the Running Room extra large unisex offerings (as asked in the comments of my last post). Maybe one of you know of some place?

Tale of the scale
It’s a sad tale. Over Family Day weekend, I regained the 4 pounds I’d lost since January. I’m working on moving on.

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4 Responses to Barbara – I’d do anything, but I won’t do that

  1. Sometimes when I’m craving something sweet at night (like a bowl of ice cream) I’ll have a hot vanilla instead: hot milk with a dash of pure vanilla, no sugar. It really quells the craving!

    Also, we’ve been known to hit up Harvey’s when my husband has a craving. I’ve discovered that the veggie burgers are a great (lower calorie, lower sodium) substitute for a regular burger… especially since I pile on the veggie toppings.

  2. I switched to Natural PB…and I love it…I ran out last week and had some of the regular stuff that the kids eat..and it was AWFUL! I can’t believe I don’t like “normal PB” anymore. I love greek yogurt and have found all sorts of ways to use it in cooking and baking…its now our “sour cream” the kids don’t know shhhh :) Last week I put greek yogurt in cheesecloth over night and made a thick cheese out of it, that I then spread on toast and used in my scrambled eggs.

    I have been unable to give up choc chips….and I seem to have trouble with portion when it comes to these :(

  3. Tracey says:

    I’m not a fan of “low fat” or “light” foods because chemicals are used In replacement, and I try to avoid those. Like the French, I believe in full fat foods most of the time, in moderation and in small portions. I DO eat the 0% plain Greek yogurt though. I think because I don’t feel deprived, I really don’t crave junkie foods often.

    Wtg on the exercise and trying new things and putting yourself out there!

  4. wordywort says:

    I’ve started using almond milk in my cereal, but I’m stealing my toddler’s homo milk for my coffee – 1/3 cup of the real thing sure beats 1/2 cup or more of any alternative!
    Thanks for checking on the “technical clothing.” I didn’t even know that’s what it was called!

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