Holy Guacamole Redux

It may SEEM like a cop out of writing a new LIO blog post, but I decided today that I wanted to republish a post I did for my personal blog earlier this week because the recipes in it were just SO DAMN GOOD. And because I just wanna be sure that all of you have access to one of the best filling and relatively healthy meals that we make at our house: Fajitas!
Before I get to that, though, I’ll let you know that as my 40th birthday approaches, I am still really struggling to figure out my personal ‘program’. You know, the one that works and provides me with real results, but that fits into my new ‘positive’ approach and guilt-free lifestyle. I am indeed getting to a few workouts at Goodlife, but not as many as I hoped to, and I’m just not there yet diet-wise. (And portion-wise, which is the hardest thing)

So. Another new idea. I enlisted my former running buddy (to be running buddy again in the spring, since I’m just not hardcore enough yet for winter running) to come over after all our kidlets are in bed at least twice a week, and we are just going to do ab workouts. That’s it. Just 20 minutes of abs. I need to get this damn stomach down, and this is what I need to push me to git’er done. I just don’t do it on my own, so…hoping this will work. Then, I will have two Goodlife workouts a week, two ab workouts a week, volleyball and hockey. And the occasional walk/skate/snowshoe with my girls. That should be enough, with a few good food choices to make a difference, surely? We’ll see.

How have you adjusted and readjusted your routines? What finally worked for you? Do you still constantly rework your plans, or do you stick to something in particular?

And now, without further ado, Guacamole, the redux:

Food. I LOVE food. And so when my hubby and I come up with an amazing dinner, and something about it goes ‘POW’ in your mouth, I want to share.

Tonight, we made fajitas. It’s an ‘old standby’ in our house when we are looking for tasty but healthy. This was the view as I jammed these yummy suckers in my mouth…

Holy Guacamole delicious fajitas

The composition was as follows:

Marinated BBQ chicken breast
Sauteed red and green peppers with onion strips
whole wheat tortillas
low fat sour cream
salsa (this was homemade but whatever)
fresh cilantro
homemade guacamole
homemade ‘fajita’ special sauce

Here are the ‘recipes’.

Chicken marinade (1 or 2 hours):
Olive oil
salt and pepper
fresh-squeezed lime juice
fresh chopped cilantro

2 ripe avocados
fresh-squeezed juice of 1/2-full lime (to taste – I put about 3/4 of a lime via a fancy press)
chopped red onion (maybe 1/4 cup or so)
1-2 tbsp salsa
sprinkle of salt
chopped fresh cilantro (a good amount – 1/4 cup or 1/3 cup)
*Mango – tonight I added finely chopped fresh mango. OMG good…about 1/4 cup

– mash it all together et voila!

Fajita ‘special’ sauce
(something my hubby tossed together this afternoon that I CANNOT recommend enough!) You can char all of this on a BBQ or roast under broil in an oven, like he did this afternoon.

1 fresh poblano pepper, roasted and de-skinned
1 fresh orange pepper, roasted and de-skinned
2 cloves garlic, roasted
1 habanero pepper, roasted and de-seeded
1/4 red onion, sliced and also roasted/sauteed

– combine all the above in blender with enough olive oil to blend into nice, thick saucy consistency. Add a dash of sugar and salt and about 1/2 tblsp of white vinegar. Ah…mazing.

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Mom of twin toddlers, social media strategy gal, public servant, athlete when there's time, amateur sommelier and lover of food...passionate about life.
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6 Responses to Holy Guacamole Redux

  1. wordywort says:

    We make fajitas all the time, and for better or for worse they are *way* better than any Mexican restaurant I’ve found in Ottawa. It’s a great meal for any group with different dietary restrictions/ preferences because it’s such a modular, build-your-own meal.

  2. Katie Squires says:

    Your an awesome cook….and you do make the best GUACAMOLE!

  3. I’ve been thinking about Mexican food a lot lately, too. Maybe because a trip there is in my dreams? I think I’ll make some of the Weight Watchers black bean fajitas – salsa, black beans, shredded zucchini – this weekend but I’m also thinking that a salad with avacado chunks, salsa and non-fat plain Greek yogurt would be good. I might even add some leftover chicken to make it a meal.

    Good luck finding your way to reasonable plans and goals. It’s worth taking the time to do something right.

  4. working mom 40 yrs young says:

    Since I had my daughter and realized that you still look pregnant after delivery, I quickly made exercise a top priority. WIth kids & juggling their immediate needs vrs. yours, I found that working out at home saved time, money and my body! If you work out in the am ( via dvd) before the kids wake up, you cut back on commute time . Jillian Michaels has a 20 mins work out on dvd. Then I invested in a treadmill. It was a big initial cost at first, but like you, I had a tough time getting to the local Good life. The treadmill has become my best friend. You can walk at varying hill levels or while watching your favourite show and you don’t have to worry about what you look like or driving in the snow. These 2 options and lean cuisines helped me get back on track. A gym membership can be $500 or more per year. My treadmill was $1700 at Costco and it’s paid for itself over the years and I log how many days I use it. Keep a calendar beside your treadmill to log your cardio. The visual x’s on the calendar really help. I try to get an A in fitness. ie- do 24 out of 30 days min. Hope this helps..
    a fellow mom

  5. paminottawa says:

    Wow, Working Mom – that’s dedication! See? I read your routine and know, without a doubt, that your solution isn’t one for me, and that’s just fine – we all differ in how we tick and what will suit us, and I KNOW that early morning ANYTHING before the girls get up is a no go! (Never been a morning person and hate getting up early). I also grew up playing a LOT of sports and so I am NOT motivated to work out at home on my own. The laptop, the television, the chores, the kitchen, the bed…they all call my name before the yoga mat. But we’ll see how it all goes – I’m particularly stoked about hockey. That’s a great workout!

    Barbara, be sure to let me know how the mexican meal turns out for you!

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