Coreen – How I horrified my doctor(s)

One of the biggest disadvantages of getting old is that you have to spend more time at the doctors. Now that I’ve made myself sound 90, let me explain. For starters,  I have my regular annual checkups, which my doctor does in two parts. First she runs the tests, then I come back for the ‘pants on’ portion of the exam and we discuss the results. I also now have optometry appointments.  Before I got old I did not require optometry appointments. (I also didn’t need to hold something out past the length of my arms in order to read it!) My family has a specific concern for certain types of cancer so I have those test type appointments too, and finally I have a couple of other doctors I see on a less regular basis for various other consultations.

Last week I was at one of the latter types of appointments when I casually mentioned that I’m still snacking nightly on a peanut butter sandwich, usually just before bed. (I know, I know) . Cue horrified doctor number one. (Just to be clear, he was not insulting and I did not take offence to his comments; they tickled my funny bone.) ‘Oh, no! You shouldn’t be doing that, think of the carbs!’ ‘You should really just grab a handful of nuts, and try to do it a bit earlier in the evening.’  Good advice that I’m not yet following.

This week I was at the second part of my annual physical. One line of questioning centred around my exercise levels. I indicated that I did exercise when one of my friends managed to strong arm me into BootyCamp. At which point my doc’s head whipped around as she realized she had the crazy in the room with her. I did indicate that I could participate at a level that didn’t do the bad sort of hurting, but I’m not sure she was convinced. She may be booking an psych evaluation as we speak.

Thankfully I don’t have any doctor’s appointments for a while, because I’m seriously considering the Ottawa Spartan Race but I’m not sure they could handle hearing the news.

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2 Responses to Coreen – How I horrified my doctor(s)

  1. Katie Squires says:

    OH HELLS YA!!!! I love that she whipped her head about!! and that your considering the SPARTAN RACE…I am so stinking proud of you right now!

    • neeroc says:

      Hehe thanks. I really do think I need my head examined. My friend thinks it will be fun. I think it falls into the same category as my Bootycamp instructor who thinks burpies are ‘fun’ *g*

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