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I read this bit of financial advice somewhere (but Google doesn’t know where) that you are either prepared to do the paperwork, i.e. a budget, or willing to be broke. I think that this applies equally to losing weight. You’re either ready to keep a food journal or you’re willing to keep the weight you’re currently carrying. I’ll allow that after a while, we settle on a limited selection of foods and we know their calorie- or point-values and can track in our heads but it takes a lot of journalling to get to that stage. Once a goal weight is achieved, journalling can slide. At least until scale or your pants or whatever other measuring device you’re using tells you differently.

Well, my scale and my pants have been telling me that I need to put more effort into the paperwork for a while now but I haven’t really been listening. Or, more accuarately, I’ve listened and made excuses to explain the aberration. In any case, I finally decided to get back on track in the last couple of weeks and signed up for a Reasonable Diet, Lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks program. I’ve listened to Sandra Ahten’s podcast, called Reasonable Diet: 6 minutes of Sanity for more than a year and believe that she is the sensible guide I need for a while.

Sandra doesn’t espouse a particular eating regime. Her focus is on resolving top-down (head and heart) and bottom-up (feet and stomache) issuses that lead one to be overweight. She is also about paperwork. I have an weekly assignment to reflect on the past week’s successes and challenges and to use them to plan out the coming week, including days that will be difficult and those where I can focus on my weight loss. I have a daily assignment to set an intention, too. Today, being a not-too-challenging day (I hope!) that will involve a trip to the gym , I will set my intention to eat with the intention of losing weight while giving my body the food it needs for exercise. Other days I might decide that I will make the best possible choices given that I won’t be preparing my own food. At first, I thought the intentions were a bit fluffy but they’re a good way of checking in before eating something. Staying checked in is probably the most important part of the paperwork.

How are you doing with your paperwork? Do you record your emotions or just your intake? Do you plan what you will eat or just what you did eat?

Tale of the Scale

I’ve been hinting at weight gain but today I’m naming numbers. I gained 6 pounds since October. I lost 1 pound over the last week, simply by validating my food choices against my daily intention and then choosing well.

Moving it

No running for me these last 2 weeks and I didn’t darken the gym’s door, either. I did ski full days each of the last 2 Sundays. I love skiing but it’s not making up for the Monday-Saturday inactivity (shocking but true). I’m attributing most of my weight gain to not exercising enough and not cutting back on what I eat to accomodate.

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4 Responses to Barbara – Paperwork

  1. Shona says:

    This time of year it’s so easy to let things slide… but you know what you need to do and are already back on the right track. Yay for being down one pound!

    I just started writing stuff down again, too – I totally fell apart when I stopped writing. I can pinpoint the bad behaviours and mindless eating beginning at that point in the year. I only write down what I have eaten, and don’t plan my week except for my grocery list. I know I will be eating trout and turkey this week, but I haven’t picked which days. I still find I need to be ‘in the mood’ for something, but I keep the options healthy (now that I’m back on track again, when I wasn’t writing, some of the things I was in the mood for weren’t the best choices).

    • I think it’s important to pinpoint the bad behaviours. Writing things down removes plausible deniability – what I gained weight? I can’t imagine how. (I’m relatively good at lying to myself ;) )

  2. Katie Squires says:

    I think I do really well with numbers paper work…but I could so better with the heart and mind paper work….thank-you….I hadn’t really thought about that part :)

  3. Erin says:

    How about a goal for May, while we are writing things down or signing up for things, There’s this thing going on in town May 27th….

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