Stick a pin in it – that’s how it’s done!

You wanna eat healthy. You want to feel like you aren’t sacrificing. You want, frankly, inspiration.

Am I right?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m inspired.  Repeatedly. Visually.  And it just arrives, right there in front of me, stunning. 


Oh, sorry – how?

Pinterest, of course! Prior to joining the hottest new social media platform around, I took an excrutiatingly long time to actually – gah – TYPE out recipes here on this blog for you to know about and make as a healthy option in your diet.  NO MORE, people!  Now, just check me out on Twitter or on Facebook, or, even better, hit me up on Pinterest itself to find out what yummy, appealing and reasonably healthy food options I have pinned lately.  *But be sure to look at my “Diet=Lifestyle” board and NOT my “Fabulous Favours” board.  THAT board is a no-holds-barred food indulgence, not for the faint of stomach.  Oh, and while you are at it, check out miss Katie’s Pinterest profile too.

You’re welcome.

Oh, and BTW – if you already KNOW about P and are on there, please let me know so that I can find you and follow your boards!  Happy cooking, eating, drinking, etc. and HAPPY NEW YEAR (did I mention I have declared 2012 my Year of Positivity? – what say you about that?)

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About paminottawa

Mom of twin toddlers, social media strategy gal, public servant, athlete when there's time, amateur sommelier and lover of food...passionate about life.
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3 Responses to Stick a pin in it – that’s how it’s done!

  1. Katie Squires says:

    LOVE LOVE PINTEREST!! Its how I make my meal plan each week :)

    • paminottawa says:

      Hmmm….wonder where you could post each week’s mealplan for sharing….maybe create a new board??? Mostly kidding, but yeah, it’s a pretty powerful app. With a very well-thought-out interface. Only a few little things I would change to improve the social interaction potential. Little things. Wonder if they want feedback?

    • paminottawa says:

      Oh, and….nobody has posted their Pinterest profiles yet? Anyone else on there to connect with?

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