Barbara – I resolve to continue …

At this time of year, most of us look around at our homes, work and life in general and find the things that need to change. There are articles about setting SMART goals (specific, measurable. attainable, realistic and timely) – though I prefer Sasha’s HAPPY goals – and I read an interesting article about making your goal part of you rather than an action on it’s own. That is to say, it’s more important to resolve to become “a runner” than it is to resolve “to run”. But I don’t want to talk about change because I think many of us have been doing thing right and we should reinforce these behaviours.

In 2012, I resolve to continue to:

  1. Live like the the thin, healthy person that I want to be (the Fat 2 Fit Radio philosophy). This approach to life has got me out of my old comfort zone and into running shoes, a road hockey game (I want to do this again), downhill skiing (an activity Reid and I share), a “fresh meat” session of roller derby practice and so much more. I don’t have to worry about starting, following or finishing a “diet” because it’s a lifestyle change that I’m working toward. No waiting for Monday or even tomorrow to change course after a bad decision, I’m pretty sure thin people make their food choices on a meal by meal basis.
  2. Be kind and loving to myself. I’ve drifted from the level of activity that I know my body needs but I’m resisting the urge to plan a punishing return to exercise to recover lost ground. I’m not signing the South Beach Diet out of the library. Such plans are too drastic and punishing. If I don’t love my body – though it’s softer and heavier than I want it to be after the holidays – how will I keep my motivation up to change it?
  3. Wear clothes that fit and flatter my body. When my weight fluctuates, I’m tempted to wear loose clothes that don’t flatter me at all. When I was first losing weight, I didn’t want to buy new clothes because I wasn’t planning to stay at that weight. The result? I didn’t look my best and I think it was de-motivating. I put on a new ski jacket yesterday and thought, “wow, I look fit” and realized that all of last winter I’d been thinking, “kind of sloppy and lumpy, eh?”.

What have you been doing right? What will you resolve to continue doing (or not doing)?

Tale of the scale

I gained about 3 pounds over the holidays. Yikes! I need to return to my more healthful ways of eating immediately (if not sooner) because my weight had been drifting higher since November without the excuse of Christmas. As I said, I’m resisting drastic steps but a return to a sustainable and healthy eating pattern is more than reasonable.

Moving it

I met Pam for a Better Backs/Awesome Abs class last week. It was awesome to see her and get myself to a gym instead of a restaurant! I’m hoping we’ll get each other out more often. Ken and I participated in the 5K Resolution Run on New Year’s Eve. It was so wonderful to have active alone-time with him! I need to plan more times like that. On New Year’s Day, Reid and I went skiing – I see this being a new tradition. Later today, I’m going on an 18K group run with the half-marathon group from my Running Room, in preparation for the Hypothermic Half Marathon on January 22nd. I’m looking to build on this momentum as the year unfolds.


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3 Responses to Barbara – I resolve to continue …

  1. Shona says:

    Barbara, every time I read a blog post of yours I think… man, that woman has a good head on her shoulders! I think you totally have the right philosophy. I think bonding time with activity is a great idea… and you are influencing your daughter to have a healthy lifestyle, too. You are a role model for all of us.

    This year, I resolve to continue going to the gym, and to listen to my body’s needs. I am already thinking of ways I can keep fit when the baby arrives.

  2. Katie Squires says:

    I too like Shona, think you have such a healthy mindset and I for one appreciate your influence :) Thank-you for sharing with us and keeping us motivated :)

  3. Sasha says:

    Hi Barbara! Did we read the same article about “what I want to be” vs “what I want to do”? It sounds very familiar, but I had forgotten about it. It is a little bit at odds with the SMART goals, at least for me: topping my list would be something like “be a fit, healthy person”, which isn’t all that measureable. But then, it isn’t all that specific, either.

    Thanks for planting this seed, I’m going to think some more about this. I have a post tumbling around in my head with some goals for this year, fitness and otherwise (’tis the season for such things, after all). I’m definitely going to keep this post in mind.

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