Barbara – my fitness advent calendar

I realize that December 1st was last week but there are still quite few days before Christmas Day is upon us in all of its glory (and stress and overeating – but those are topics for a future post) and I’m proposing an advent calendar of fitness. Like Karine, I want to be sure I’m finishing strong and staying on the wagon, as Jenn put it.

  1. Start the day and month out right by drinking from the water bottle conveniently sitting in the bathroom. 750 mL right after waking is refreshing and sets the tone for a well-hydrated day. Repeat daily but credit given only for the first time.
  2. Lunch out today. Enjoy the gift of friendship with a side salad. A reasonable main dish should be chosen because even friendship and a salad needs some protein to keep one away from unhealthy afternoon snacks.
  3. Eat a more-than-usually sensible lunch so that there is no guilt at Afternoon Tea at the Chateau Laurier. Remember this strategy for other events when indulgences are called for.
  4. Take the bus home from “A Christmas Carol”. Walking to and from bus stops is responsible for many of the steps my Fitbit records. I feel sorry for the people who commute by car and have nearby parking. No, seriously.
  5. Run to the Museum of Civilization to get my forgotten travel mug.
  6. Schedule an intro to the weights area at the gym. Katie makes too good a case for strength training to let it slide. Yes, yes, I knew about strength training but I’d stopped giving it the credit it deserves.
  7. Resist the urge to bring a coffee to the office, now that the “good” travel mug is back. Stick to tea with no milk or sweetener. It’s a better choice.
  8. Ask around – online and inperson – if anyone wants to go for a run at lunch. Inside or out, it’s a good idea.
  9. Find a secluded alcove at Union Station and do shuttle runs with Reid while waiting for the next train. Be sure to let her win some of the races. Run hard because she is getting faster each day.
  10. Incorporate a walk into the day’s schedule.
  11. A morning run around my home town will be perfect. It’s really a village, solo running is safe and I have been missing Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone podcasts.
  12. More shuttle runs at Union Station. Before confining Reid to a small area like a plane or train, it’s always good to burn off some energy. Oddly, we’re both energized but focused when we’re done and the other people in the area are amused.
  13. Pack a lunch today. Not every all-day meeting deserves a pizza lunch, especially when the pizza isn’t delicious. Show a little spine, woman!
  14. Get thee to a group run at the Running Room. Those hills won’t run themselves and the Hypothermic Half, with its many hills, is looming.
  15. Head to Goodlife Fitness for the Body Pump class at lunch. Again, we’re crediting Katie’s reminder about the importance of strength training.
  16. Be extra vigilant about food today. A Christmas tweetup tonight will be cause for a treat or two. (If you have a fabulous Christmas sweater – fabulously bad or fabulously fabulous – and want to join in, let me know.)
  17. Buy extra veggies with groceries this week to make a hearty, low-calorie soup. There are many parties and treats on their way.
  18. Give priority to the group run today. Long, slow runs are so much better with others and the pre-Christmas chatting will make the kilometres flow by.
  19. Try out the circuit machines at Goodlife Fitness today. They can’t be that different than the machines at Curves, can they?
  20. It’s a lunchtime run day. If no one is up for an outside run (not even me), it’s time to reconnect with the folks from the Cut the Fat Weight Loss Podcast and a treadmill.
  21. Party! Decide on two of the three following things to accompany lunch: bread before lunch, drinks, and dessert. One thing would be better. The
  22. The festive coffee break must include a fruit tray and I must eat from it. One small dessert, if especially delectable, can be eaten but it must earn a “Wow!” to be eaten in it’s entirety.
  23. Steal a few minutes between work and daycare pickup for a run. Reid will enjoy the time with her buddies and the run will set the course for the weekend.
  24. An early morning yoga dvd will bring some focus to the rest of the day.

I’m going to try to add some more runs and workouts where I can. I am going to be forgiving of myself where I stray from the plan. Throughout I am going to bear in mind Melodie’s post about being comfortable in my own skin.

Moving it

I’ve been slacking. No excuses, just embarassment at it being the case. I thought about skipping this section but what kind of accountability it that. Notice that I’m committing to specific exercise on specific days. Feel free to ask me about it.

Tale of the scale

Over the course of November, my weight crept upward. It hit a pain point and I buckled down, beginning last Monday. I lost two pounds and now I need to lose a couple more pounds so that I have some wiggle room over Christmas.

I’m crediting much of my weight loss last week to a batch of vegetable soup that I made last week. I was inspired by the Weight Watcher’s Zero-point vegetable soup from a Veggie Venture but I added extra “free” veggies and a can of diced tomatoes. It is more of a stew in broth than a soup. I’ve been whirring it in my Magic Bullet (warning sound) so that it is a thick sauce with small bits for texture. Yum!

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9 Responses to Barbara – my fitness advent calendar

  1. jenn says:

    Awesome! Good job!!
    I will see you at the hypothermic half!!! :)

  2. Lara C W says:

    What a great idea to schedule your healthy living activities into an advent calendar of sorts! Aren’t shuttle runs w the kids great! You ate daring to do them at the subway/train station lol! When starting w resistance training I would start w body weight and dumbbells as opposed to body pump class- bodypump is lighter weights so more endurance versus strength training and more room for injury due to using a barbell (not as functional). Get a free weight orientation w a personal trainer at goodlife – they are free. The fit fix circuit is fine but again not as beneficial as bodyweight and dumbbells (also resistance machines at a gym different than the hydraulic based ones at curves – better more efficient/effective than curves). I find free weights a lot less intimidating. Less things to remember like seat adjustment etc – plus any exercise you do standing you work your core! Added bonus. Don’t be afraid of the free weight area – or go to goodlife womens only if that area is full of clunkheads. Free weights are awesome!

  3. Katie Squires says:

    I LOVE lists! So I really enjoyed reading that :)

    I was inspired by the WW zero point veggie soup too…and have had a huge bowl in the fridge each week…and eat it with my meals to bulk up the volume, and get more veggies in…have also had it as a snack :) Its awesome!

    • I love the texture of the puree. It seems so much more substantial than when it’s veggiea floating in broth. The look of the puree leaves a bit to be desired ;)

      • Lara C W says:

        Haha – I was going to mention the same – I used to do a similar purée w spinach and green beans added to the mix it looked a bit like something that should be in the bathroom – tastes good though! Lol

  4. wordywort says:

    I love this advent calendar! Happy healthy holidays to you!

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