Cindy – After Me, You Come First

My Dad was once fond of that saying, quite often when he was driving through traffic.  I have to admit, I’ve used it in that situation myself, among other places.  It’s something that I need to start saying to myself when it comes to doing my workouts.

OK, wait I can’t get ahead of myself.  First, I need to let you know how I did on my goals from two weeks ago.

The first one was MOVE – and I have done that!  I only had three days in the last two weeks that I did not have over 5000 steps on my pedometer.  Two of them were work days and one was the evening DH and I spent with Pirate Pants at CHEO Emergency.  (He’s fine now, don’t worry.)

Second goal: Food Journaling – Yeah, not so good on that one.  One week out of the last two I did my journaling.

Third Goal – Set up the Wii – DONE!  I even used it once.

Back to After Me, You come First.

I’m finding it very hard to make time for myself to exercise.  Something else always seems to have priority – usually Pirate Pants.  I’ve tried doing exercises when he’s around – and it’s fun doing push-ups while he’s climbing all over me – fun being frustrating; and he does a FANTASTIC job of pushing as many buttons as possible on the TV, the stereo, the DVD player.  Yeah, you get the idea.  He’s a major distraction.  (He’s majorly cute and wonderful too, but still a distraction when it comes to doing exercise at home.)  But I NEED to start carving out this time for myself.

I need to get into the mindset of After Me, You Come First.  Not everyday and not for everything, but certainly for my exercise.  Would anyone care to share how they wrestle to get even 30 minutes out of already busy lives to get some exercise in?  Keep in mind, I can’t get up any earlier than the 430am that I’m doing now – which is when Pirate Pants wakes up – and I’m usually totally ready for bed by 9pm.

Anyway, in other news, I’ve now been on this Weight Dropping Adventure for one year.  My lovely Personal Trainer has retaken my measurements and the results were astounding – for me anyway.  I’ve lost a total of 28.75 INCHES overall.  WOOHOO!

So, my goals for this week:

1) FOOD JOURNALLING!  I did such a good job last time (sarcasm alert) that it needs to be up there again.

2) MAKE TIME for exercising at home.  Even if it’s half an hour.  I NEED to do this!

3)KEEP MOVING – I did so good last time, I really need to keep that up.

Until next time!  -Cindy

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3 Responses to Cindy – After Me, You Come First

  1. Katie Squires says:

    28.75 inches!!!!!! WOW WOW WOW that’s incredible!

    I understand the frustration of trying to workout with the kids around, I remember when I used to do workout dvd’s in the basement and I would have the kids getting in my way, wanting milk, fighting, and number of reason’s to make my anxiety spike and just want to give up..which I did sadly. It wasn’t till I joined the gym and realized that I could take the kids to the daycare there (which was surprisingly affordable) that I realized how good this time to myself was…if I didn’t love exercising (which very lucky for me I do) I would still go just to get that break from the kids. I know a gym membership and daycare is not an option for everyone so that finding time for yourself comes back into question. I’m afraid I don’t have any good answers for that but I can tell you that its so worth finding that time…wishing you the best of luck :)

  2. Laurie Turpin says:

    I just started working out a week ago but we have already developed a great schedule that works well for our family. We have supper and tidy up/chill/plAy for a few minutes after supper then hubs takes the little dude upstairs for his bath and bedtime routine while I do my workout. Hubs actually encourages this bc he knows I’m getting me time that benefits the whole family! Then I come up and shower and I’m ready for bed. Could that work?

    • Lara C W says:

      that’s a great idea and one I was going to suggest. tag team when you have a little one is probably the best bet. or integrating more intense activity throughout the day in little bursts as opposed to what we think in our mind as a traditional workout of x amount of minutes. honestly, doing stairs in your house is amazing. up and down, single steps fast, or 2 at a time. you can get in several sets within 10 minutes. do it 3x a day and you’ve got 30 minutes of cardio with body weight training built in (legs and core). while daycare and gym is not the best option for everyone, i’ll mention it here because the city of ottawa all inclusive memberships are very good compared with some commercial gym chains, and the daycare is FREE for your child under 6 yrs of age. so a more reasonable option than another well known gym in this area. ;) not sure how old your little one is, but you can use them as body weight. yes, even for push ups, hip bridges, squats. :)

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