The Halloween Cleanse!

Happy Halloween Losing it in Ottawa, I am so very excited to present my favorite personal trainer, yoga instructor, and general ‘Awesomeness Specialist,’ Susie, for today’s guest post.  I met Susie this summer while taking her very unique fitness class at Saunder’s Farm.  I call her an ‘Awesomeness Specialist’ because who else would find a way to make jumping on giant pillows a killer workout and take you back to being a child.  Since, then I have also joined her at her Core Class in Richmond, with my two kids in tow, for an hour of sweating that has worked wonder’s on my ‘pouch’.  Losing it in Ottawa, please welome Susie.  

As a mother of three little ones Halloween means I have 3 massive bags of mixed chocolate bars, chips, gummy hamburgers and Tootsie Rolls in my house for days! Not to mention I like to be prepared and so I buy my treats (I only buy the chocolate bars of course!!!) a few weeks in advance, only to open them early and of course have to restock again! Now, with that being said, I am proud to say that we have made a tradition in our house to enjoy our treats on Halloween night and for a few days afterwards but then say an early goodbye. My kids have never caused a big fuss when I say “no more candy”, they understand that it rots their teeth and hurts their bodies and within a few days they seem bored with it anyways. I think the healthiest way to deal with this holiday (and other big ones as well) is to not try and restrict your self! The more energy and thought you put into not eating treats, the more likely you are to be found with your head in the Halloween bag and 15 empty wrappers all around you! Tricks to preventing Halloween binge behaviors include – eat your treats in moderation and keep exercise consistent. Especially the strength training! Once Halloween is over and we’ve said goodbye to the bag of food coloring, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup and transfats I feel ready to give my body a break and clean “things” out with a little Superfoods Cleanse! So I’ve created a 5 day Superfoods detox and whenever I feel that I’ve overdone the junk and I’m losing my clean eating habits this is a great 5 day plan to get back on track and feeling good again!

You can do anything you put your mind to for 5 days and once you’ve completed this Detox I promise that you will have broken a few bad habits and created a few new good ones. Please keep in mind the goal with this detox is NOT WEIGHT LOSS!!! This is a very important point so please understand; when your focus and mental energy is on weight loss you will actually bring more weight into your life! When your focus is on pure health and eating foods that heal, you will feel better and become healthier. I want you to think about how wonderful your body has been to you and now you’re going to be wonderful back by fueling yourself with only the best.

This is a time to stop the insanity and ask yourself – how many times in a day do I put something in my mouth that has unknown ingredients, MSG, too much sugar, too much caffeine, artificial sweeteners and processed fats? In most cases the answer will be – I do it often, even though I know better! These food choices have harmful ingredients that disrupt our internal balance, build up in our tissues and create an unhealthy state in both our mind and our bodies.

Take 5 days to consume only fresh organic fruits and vegetables, easy to digest nuts and seeds, protein rich grains, lots of herbal tea’s and lemon water. Say goodbye to caffeine, chocolate, white sugar, wheat, meat, corn, peanuts and dairy – except for organic plain yogurt. It’s only 5 days, it’s 100% safe and completely natural, and it will leave you feeling clean from the inside out!

Breakfast – 2 Options:

1. Fruit salad – add 1 tbsp of flax or chia seed. Sprinkle with fresh coconut, cinnamon and soaked walnuts or almonds. Add plain yogurt as well if desired.

2. Yogurt & fruit smoothie – filled with all the same ingredients above or switch it up if you like. Try different fruits, use ginger instead of cinnamon etc.


Enjoy ginger, mint, green tea or whatever herbal tea’s you like in-between breakfast and lunch.

Drink lots of water with lemon or lime squeezed in it.

If you feel hungry eat a piece of fruit or make a fruit or green smoothie. My favorite in-between snack was a pineapple and cilantro smoothie.  Made with as much pineapple as you like, a few sprigs of cilantro, then blend it all up with some water – very refreshing!

Also you can fill a hungry tummy with 1 tbsp of flax or chia seed mixed with water and then drink. Try to get 2 tbsp a day of fresh ground flax or chia seed.


Big salad – unlimited! Filled with lots of greens (spinach, romaine, collards, kale, parsley – no iceburg!!!!!) Top with all sorts of different veggies. Get creative and try new things! Add healthy fats like soaked nuts (small sprinkle), avocado, and an olive oil/ balsamic dressing. I like drizzling fresh lemon over my salad, adding green peas and beets as well – yummy!


Keep up with the tea’s and lemon water.

My favorite afternoon smoothie was a salsa smoothie. I added one or two tomatoes, fresh lime juice, celery, carrot, parsley and water to blend. Just use a hand blender for these drinks so you are getting all the fiber and pulp. Or simply eat a cucumber or a cup of cherry tomatoes – keep it simple!

Dinner – Food options include:

Cooked veggies, any kind you like (except corn), sweet potatoes or white potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, or lentils.

During my 5 days I made a quinoa stew filled with all sorts of veggies, a stir fry with bean sprouts and sugar snap peas over brown rice, a curried lentil dish with a dollop of plain yogurt on top and a big veggie soup filled with kale.

Other ingredients that are helpful with meal preparation are organic veggie broth (PC makes a nice one) spices such as cumin, turmeric, curry (not too much) and cayenne, coconut oil, flax seed oil and/or olive oil.

Favorite desserts:

Stewed rhubarb in fresh orange juice with organic raisins and cinnamon.

Frozen banana blended up with fresh coconut, almond milk and cinnamon.

As you can see I haven’t listed specific amounts, or done a calorie count for the day. I want you to eat slowly, chew lots and only eat until you are satisfied – NOT STUFFED! Listen to your body this week and drinks lots of water. Try not to add salt to anything during the week. If you absolutely need it with dinner then just a small sprinkle of sea salt should do the trick. Make sure that all the water/tea intake is occurring between meal times and not while you are eating. This can make digestive enzymes less powerful. Soaking nuts and seeds releases the toxic enzyme inhibitors that coat them and makes the nutrients that they contain easier for our bodies to absorb. Soaking times seem to vary depending on the density of the nut or seed, there are charts you can google or just do it over night. Make sure to rinse them well in the morning.

Do not eat past 7pm. Going to sleep on an empty stomach will allow you to wake up fully digested and feeling completely cleansed. Start that day off early with some lemon water and brisk walk!

Here is my top 10 list of favorite Superfoods that helped get me through this week!

Fresh ground flax seeds (I use my coffee grinder & keep them in the freezer)




Baby Spinach


Soaked Walnuts


Cherry Tomatoes

Spices – cinnamon (the best), turmeric, cumin, ginger (fresh), cayenne, fresh cilantro.

Benefits of this detox (once the headache passes) include improved energy, clearer skin, regular bowel movements, improved digestion, and increased concentration and clarity. You may also find you sleep better during this week.

If you have any questions or just want to chat please contact me via email or facebook!

Facebook – Exer Susie

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I am a stay at home mom, with two little girls ages 3 and 5. A former couch potato turned fitness enthusiast, I am on a mission to empower other women to live their best active life. You can follow me at
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7 Responses to The Halloween Cleanse!

  1. Rachel Tops says:

    WHAT AN INCREDIBLE POST! Susie .. I can’t wait for our paths to cross again … next time I’ll be ready for you! LOL Thank you for the wonderful information and encouraging words!

    Katie .. great pick on guest blog! I am happy you found her and have absorbed so much from her … she will be instrumental in your future success as a PT I think! :)

    Rachel :)

  2. tgroom57 says:

    I am in UK and my current mission is to avoid artificial sweeteners. I have a choice between white sugar derived from sugar beet, or unrefined cane sugar. I am interested to know the relative merits.

    • Katie Squires says:

      good question, Susie kindly left her email address if we have any questions, its at the bottom of her post. I am afraid I don’t have a clue as to which is better.

  3. Laura says:

    Awesome post Susie! I’ve already done my meal planning for the week, but I will be sure to keep this cleanse as my secret weapon after our upcoming Disney vacation. I love that its only 5 days. Keep blogging ;)

  4. siva parvati says:

    I agree. This is what I tell clients – that counting calories is definitely not the road to health. Everyone is different. You need to get in touch with your body and feel fullness or hunger from within. Give yourself time and be patient. Your body will tell you everything in time and you will be the healthiest you can be.

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