Coreen – Attitude shift

I’ll start off with the results:

I survived Turkey Days (aka two huge full spread family dinners and the subsequent leftovers) with nary a pound gained!

It might not seem like much of an accomplishment, but given that I’d tweaked my back as I finished BootyCamp (so no exercise) and was totally at loose ends meal-wise last week with hubby away (can you say 4 days of me not cooking?), I think it’s pretty impressive.

It’s also reflective of my subtle attitude shifts that have taken place in the past two months.

Thinking back to the two ‘main event’ meals, both were really, really sensible for me, and quite frankly out of character. I mean, you could still see the plate in spots after I’d loaded it up! And the load involved more of the salads and veggies and less of the mashies and gravy *sob* But truthfully? I didn’t feel like I’d missed out. I still got my taste of turkey (and stuffing – mmm stuffing), was full at the end of the meal, and the best part? No turkey coma.

Monday’s meal was lunch at our place and as soon as everyone left I stripped the turkey down and threw it in the stock pot.
A couple of hours later and I had vast quantities more of meat, and 18 or so cups of yummy, sodium-free stock just waiting to be made into soup. Years past this carcass would languish in my fridge or freezer, only to be thrown out months later while I scrambled around looking for a low sodium canned broth to make soup.

While I’m not completely on board the ‘no sugar’ train any more (hello molded Jello)
I am reading labels, and way more conscious of the hidden sugar I’ve been consuming. Unfortunately V’s still not on board the Balkan/Greek yoghurt train so we’ve lost a go-to evening snack (really, check out how much sugar is in regular yoghurt!)

I’m even noticing this shift in my pinning on Pinterest. I haven’t gone all obsessive about only healthy recipes, I mean, who am I kidding? But I do check out the yummies before deciding if that delicious looking item is something I really want to make. (Yep, that pin right there, behind the chocolate cake pops, that’s the healthy one *g*)

Now that my back is feeling better, it’s time for me to get moving again. I enjoyed the strength and energy I had when I was working out and I don’t want to slide back to a slug. I was *that* close to signing up for BootyCamp again, but I think I’ll wait until November. Now my attitude hasn’t yet shifted enough to get me using my gym membership, instead I’ve signed up for Jillian Michaels website on a free 3-month trial. She’s looking for 5 days of exercise a week, I’m hoping to make it to three. I’m also going to try to stick to her meal plans next week, I love the handy-dandy shopping list feature it includes. We were eating so much better and wasting so much less when I had a weekly plan. I was also making fewer trips to the grocery store.

Funny how these things sneak up on you. What attitude shifts have you noticed recently?


Coreen is a geriatric mother living with her husband (hubby) and 3.75 year old daughter (V). She works in IT Security but doesn’t yet know what she wants to be when she grows up. She also blogs at One Day this Blog will have a Snazzy Name (and is open to naming suggestions because really.)

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4 Responses to Coreen – Attitude shift

  1. Katie Squires says:

    Well done!! Sounds like a healthy balanced and joyful Thanksgiving :) I love Jillian Michales!!! I was looking up youtube videos of her last night for workout ideas! Let us know how her online program is, would love to hear a review :)

  2. I think the yogurt thing is sort of indicative of how screwed up the Western diet can be – that we even think of yogurt with a bunch of sugar or aspartame added as “regular” yogurt – and plain, natural yogurt is weird.

  3. Sasha says:

    Hurray for attitude shifts! Of all the tools in a weight-loss tool belt, I think that’s the one that will take you the farthest – it helps with *everything*.

    As someone who has been in a carb-coma for months now, I can’t say anything positive about my own shift in attitudes, except that I’ve resolved to get back to spending more time around here and soaking up the losing-it-love :)

  4. Shona says:

    Making it through the holidays and maintaining is definitely a success in my books! Good for you! It also sounds like you are finding balance in your life, which is always a good thing. :)

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