Sara – Same route, different journey

Last year during my eigth week of Losing It I ran my first 5K, the CIBC Run for the Cure. It was a life-changing experience for so many reasons.

This year was no less inspiring but the day couldn’t have been more different.

I was so happy to have these three fantastic ladies by my side.  Donna, one of the original Losing It crew (and fabulous friend); Shona, Losing It Ottawa cheerleader numero uno, weight loss superstar, and now my newest running buddy; and Barbara, my running inspiration.

Last year I couldn’t sleep the night before the race.  I was jittery with nerves and anticipation (and fear).  To make sure I didn’t miss a thing we arrived over an hour before the race even started.  Last night I slept fine; I ate breakfast because my stomach wasn’t tangled with nerves; and we arrived 25 minutes before the event started.

Running and my fear that I will fail no longer hold me back. 

Last year I ran the race on my own, listening to music.  There were people there that I could have run with but I didn’t because I was working to hard to talk, let alone breath like I wasn’t fighting for my life.  This year I talked to Shona and Donna for most of the run.  I wasn’t gasping for breath and winded.  My chest didn’t burn.  I didn’t feel like I was going to throw-up from the exertion of running.

Physical activity is part of my life now.  I’m in good shape. 

Last year running was torture.  I hated every single second of it and just kept promising myself (a) it’ll help you lose weight (b) it HAS to get better (I ended up being right on both counts).  This year certainly wasn’t amazingly fun (it was cold, there were a lot of hills) but I couldn’t think of 46 things I would rather have been doing (only 3: sleeping, curled up on the couch with my boys, eating brunch).

Running is a part of my life, like eating, sleeping and breathing. 

Last year I had friends who ran.  I did not consider myself a runner, more of a fat-girl-wanna-be-runner.  Now I have running buddies.  Friends I run with, friends I race with.

Running is part of my social life.  Actually part of my whole life. 

Last year it was cold.  It was early.  But my husband and boys were still there.  Taking photos, cheering, sharing in the excitement of race day.  This year it was cold.  Not quite as early.  But my husband boys were still there.  I think that’s the only thing that hasn’t changed: no matter what I do; how early, how cold, how miserable, how boring (they spent four hours downtown two weeks ago to watch me run my first half marathon) they are there every step of the way. 

My family is part of this new healthy life and there is nothing more important than that 

A month ago I’d been hoping for a personal best at yesterday’s race, anniversary run and all!  My fastest 5K to date is 33 minutes and last year I ran the same race/route in 45 minutes.  My plans were thwarted by a twinged nerve that’s been bothering me since before the half marathon.  It’s not painful but my left foot has been going numb and tingly and there’s nothing that’s more disconcerting when you run than not being able to feel one of your feet.  I finished yesterday’s run in 38 minutes and was just grateful that I finished, standing on my own two feet.  Last year after the run my legs were shaking; I had to sit down because I felt faint; I stretched and stretched but nothing seemed to bring relief to my tender legs; I spent most of the day sitting on the couch resting because I was so exhausted.  Yesterday I left the event and went straight to a birthday brunch with my Grandma; no stretching (don’t tell my physiotherapist!), no shaking legs, no fatigue.  I photographed a family in the afternoon and then headed out to visit friends and their brand new baby.  Running 5K is no longer a ‘big deal’, it’s on par with grocery shopping or going to get the mail and I think that’s what I’m most proud of.

I’m on 5K restriction with lots of stretching and ‘less’ intense exercise for the next month.  And since I’m not burning as many calories what better opportunity than to work on making the ones I put into my body count!

What non scale victories are you celebrating after the weekend?

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10 Responses to Sara – Same route, different journey

  1. Shona says:

    It was super fun to run that 5K with you! I hope I didn’t slow you down too much… It feels so good to see progress and feel fit, and to know it’s a part of your regular life. :) Thanks for inspiring me to begin running!

  2. What a difference a year makes…what a change…your physically fit, fitness is truly part of your and your family’s life now…this is one heck on an inspiring post! Thank-you :)

  3. Cindy W says:

    I’m crazy super proud of you, friend! I can’t wait to share a run or two with after February! Congrats on your journey so far…can’t wait to see what the next year brings! :)

  4. Sasha says:

    Um, unless I’m mistaken, your physiotherapist is on Twitter.

    And yes, that is a threat. I just haven’t decided what the ransom is yet ;)

  5. Sasha says:

    And BTW, I should have said this first: CONGRATS! So excited for you. And while your whole story is inspiring, one particular thing you said just clicked for me: “Running is part of my social life.” I’ve been trying to figure out how to fit it all in. I’m not fitting anything in right now, for a melee of reasons, but one of them is, how do you have a life and get fit? How do you make room for anything else? Well, you multi-task, of course. My workout routine has always been a solitary thing, and I do enjoy the time to myself, but I think it’s time to start inviting some other folks along.

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