Katie: The Weight Loss Moment

This week, I’m sharing this post with you that Katie sent me a few weeks ago. Katie is and has always been such a positive, uplifting and enthusiastic member of this community – from the very beginning. You can read more about Katie’s journey to better health on her blog, So Write.


On our journey to lose weight there are hopefully many victories.  Usually, they involve the slow movement on the scale of a pound or two down, or the victory over a large bag of MM’s and a bag of chips.  A few weeks ago I experienced my ultimate weight loss moment, the moment where I realized I am doing this because I am no longer a size 22.

My family and I participated in the Roger’s House Walk/Roll and Run.  We entered the 2km walk/roll/run.  My husband took our two-year-old daughter on her tricycle and pulled a wagon to give her breaks along the way.  I think he experienced his own fitness feat, pulling a wagon with a 2yr old and carrying a tricycle.  My 5-year-old daughter and I formed the second team, with her riding her bike and I running along side her.  We wanted to give her the chance to really go for it on her bike and experience the thrill of  ‘racing’ and going fast on her bike.   The ‘race’ was for fun, and full of walkers with strollers and lots of little kids, so the race wasn’t very fast paced.  My daughter and I worked our way through the crowd to the top wear she could open up and ride her best.  I thought I would be jogging beside her, and ended up having to flat out run with my backpack on.  She was having so much fun, with all the excitement and the people.  People were laughing in a friendly way and telling her to slow down for her Mom.  At the half way point I could see that she was tiring a bit and I urged her on telling her we were almost there, and she picked up speed and rode her best with the biggest smile on her face.  When we got close to the finish line I was yelling and cheering for her, like a crazy woman (who was also hoofing it to keep up and take a picture all at the same time) and I had tears in my eyes.

This is us just after crossing the finish line.  She is so proud of herself in this picture and I am beaming with pride for both us.  I am so happy that she got a taste of how GOOD this active life can be, and happy that I was able to run with her and not hold her back walking because I was too out of shape.  I think she was proud of me that day too.  This was hands down one of my top 10 moments with my daughter and I look forward to being able to do more things like this with her.   This is what losing weight and getting fit is about for me.

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3 Responses to Katie: The Weight Loss Moment

  1. Lara says:

    Wonderful story. Those are SO the things that count!

  2. neeroc says:

    What an awesome post! Congratulations to all of you for having such a wonderful day (and really is there anything faster than a little one on their bike? *g*)

  3. Shona says:

    Yay! What a great story!! You really are doing it and living it, and you are a great inspiration!! :)

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