Sherrilynne – Isle of Man – the last stop

There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed.  And that’s just what I did last night for the first time in more than four months! Did I ever sleep well too…a full eight hours.  I’m back in my own house in the Isle of Man having landed in from Bulgaria early yesterday morning.

The Bulgarian vacation was fantastic, but I have to admit that the sun, sea and sand certainly seduced me away from all my good intentions concerning diet, exercise and healthy life.  I’d said I was going to do a lot of walking…that fell by the wayside. Instead I spent hours sitting on the gorgeous beach, bathing in the Black Sea and sitting poolside with a lovely cold drink in my hand.  I did have a couple of days walking around  sightseeing, but not nearly enough, I’m sure, to counter all the lovely food and drink I indulged with.

Shopska salad & beer...Bulgarian lunch!

Oh well, that’s what vacations are for, right?  It’s all over now and I promise this was my last vacay of 2011.  Now I’m in the Isle of Man to pack up my house and get my belongings shipped to Ottawa.

There, I’ve rented a house along the canal near 5th and will be working downtown, near the Parliament Buildings.  My hope is to walk my commute at least one direction daily.  In the winter I’ll be able to skate to work down the world’s longest ice rink, the Rideau Canal. Also, my new office is right across the street from a Goodlife Fitness centre and I’m going to look into getting a membership for those days when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Until then, I’m here on a little island in the middle of the Irish Sea getting ready for the big move.  I’d hoped to rejoin my yoga class here for a couple of weeks, but it doesn’t exist anymore it seems.  No matter,  there are lots of lovely walks on the island, and I’ve got my trusty cross-trainer for when the weather is bad (often). Also getting the house packed up will be quite physical work too.

I’m going to be able to cook in my own kitchen for the first time in months, and so I’ll be able to have better control of my diet.  I started back using myfitnesspal yesterday, and will be keeping that up too.  In summary,  these next two weeks are a short period of transition to my new life, but are also a great opportunity to refocus on my health goals.

The tale of the scale

I knew it wouldn’t be pretty.  I’m up 4.4 lbs since my last Losing It post.  I just hope it won’t take months to undo the damage. But, the vacation was worth it!

Sherrilynne Starkie is Ottawa born and raised and has been living away for 20 years. In 2011, she’s returning to live in her hometown and is pretty darned excited about it. She’s a public relations professional and is in the UK PR Week’s Power Players of Social Media top three. She’s been blogging for more than five years and you can follow her here.

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7 Responses to Sherrilynne – Isle of Man – the last stop

  1. Shona says:

    Sounds like you have a good plan in place! I agree you need to enjoy your vacations… I don’t see anything wrong with that. Plus it’s not your normal lifestyle, so you will be able to take those pounds back off once you get back into the groove. :) I hope you have a smooth and easy move back to Ottawa!

  2. Girl your only up 4.4 pounds after FOUR months of vacation, that AWESOME. Don’t sweat it, or maybe do sweat it because a little sweat will fix that. Your moving into the most scenic beautiful area of Ottawa, I am picturing your morning walk/skate to work :) Happy moving :)

  3. Vanessa says:

    Shopska Salata is my absolute favourite. But don’t try making it with anything but Bulgarian feta. Just not the same!

  4. sherrilynne7 says:

    I can imagine. But I did love it v much!

  5. Donna says:

    I used to live on Fifth near the Canal – great walk downtown.

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