Vicky – Choosing *one* thing

I know I’ve written about this before, about how amazing this community is and how much it has helped me on this journey. If anyone out there looking for weight loss suggestions and ideas were to stumble on this site, they will feel like they’ve hit the jackpot!

But through all the advice and suggestions that have come my way, (which have all been wonderful by the way), it has been really tough to make anything stick! Last week I happened to tweet Sasha and asked her to (please) kick my rear into action. She suggested I choose just *one* thing to focus on. What was it about that time, and this particular suggestion (which I know has been given to me before) that has made an impact? I’m just not sure. But it’s working.

My *one thing* to focus on for the past two weeks has been sleep. More sleep = less tired Vicky = more energy to work out = more trips to the gym. It’s hard to pull myself away at the end of the day though, there’s so much I want to do.

I’ve been increasing my intensity. And thanks to Becky (@bitofmomsense), who kindly pointed out while we were working out on the elliptical that she uses how fast her heart is racing as a guide to how much intensity she’s put into her work out (brilliant isn’t it!). I have always used calories burned as a guide to how much effort I put into my cardio workout. I try to push myself up to 200 calories and once I reach that I stop.  But the past week or so, I’ve been listening to my body (what a novel idea!) and realized that it takes me more than 15-20 mins to get my heart really pumping. I’ve been staying on for 35-40 mins at a time. That, plus two hot yoga classes, and I’m feeling great.


Last time I told you about the 17 day diet. I lasted 5 days on it before I accepted that it was not the right thing for me. Essentially the first 17 days are a low carbohydrate diet meant to accelerate weight loss.  For 17 days you would eat only unlimited lean meat and no-starch vegetables, two fat-free plain yogurts and two low-sugar fruits (but not after 2 pm), a bit of oil, green tea, and 64 ounces of water a day.  And I couldn’t do it. I was hungry, and grouchy, and I could not force myself to eat that many vegetables to sustain myself.

What I need is a balanced diet, with the right amount of calories, combined with exercise. Honestly guys, I’m thinking I may go back to Weight Watchers. I could eat whatever foods I liked on the plan, but I still had to be accountable for what I ate.

So there you have it! I’m going to keep working on being well rested and adding in more exercise.

I will sign off with the salad I ate for dinner:

-mix of red leaf/green leaf lettuce, a handful of trail mix (peanuts, raisins, currants, dried cranberries, almonds and pumpkin seeds), chopped cucumber, and a bit of balsamic vinegar, olive oil and poppy seeds mixed together as dressing. I would have added a bit of cheese or some grilled chicken but we were out.

Looking for more salad ideas? Check out the #saladchallenge on Twitter. Got some of your own? Share them!

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6 Responses to Vicky – Choosing *one* thing

  1. Shona says:

    Sometimes things just *click*… I’m so glad you found something that’s working! Yeah! Go girl! Keep it up! :)

  2. I like this post a lot…the timing is bang on..I have been struggling feeling like I have too much on my plate…I am training for the half marathon at the Army Run, I am completing my personal training certification, and thus working hard on weight training, and lord I would love to add a pump class, and spin class in there too. Then there’s working on the food part….its exhausting mentally sometimes…so ONE THING….RUN BABY RUN :)

  3. Sasha says:

    I’m so glad your one thing is working for you! And it really is true – you just need to hear the right thing at the right time. That’s what is so great about this community – you surround yourself with supportive people and there’s bound to be someone who is going through what you’re going through, can provide an example of where you are or where you want to be, or just has an idea that works for you, too.

    And I’m so glad you picked sleep, because I wouldn’t have thought of it, but I need more too. I was going to say something like “I need it too, but right now I don’t have any control over how much I get”. But you got me thinking – the fact is, I do. Or I could, at least, get more if I go to sleep if/when the baby does. No brainer, I know. But the thought of a bit of time to myself in the evenings can be bewitching, too :). But I’m going to try and turn off earlier, and get more sleep.

  4. Sara says:

    Sleep…what a novel concept ;) My one thing this week is going to be sticking to my calorie goals *no matter what* !

  5. Barbara says:

    I love the one thing idea, Vicky. We have so many things we could do that choosing any one thing can be more than I can manage sometimes. Sleep is a great enabler of so much more. I’m glad you are focusing the discussion on how important it is. Now, I need to go to sleep ;-)

  6. Patricia says:

    Quick suggestions, google high intensity interval training. Less time doing cardio for more results.

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