Vicky – Week 40 – Sugar purge update

Two weeks ago I wrote about my addiction to sugar. Then I challenged you all to join me on a sugar purge. Did any of you try it? I managed to cut sugar out of my diet for an entire week. Seven whole days with no candy, chocolate, or baked goods. I allowed myself maple syrup in my plain oatmeal and one artificially sweetened yogurt. (I also accidentally had a mint after lunch at a restaurant, only realizing what I was doing once I had chewed it up).

I had tweeted that I was doing this sugar fast, and for the most part the response I got was very supportive and encouraging. But there was one comment that stood out a bit, because the person who wrote it (and it wasn’t someone I knew so I can’t remember who it was!) said it was a little extreme and that instead of cutting out sugar I should just eat it in moderation.

Yea, I think cutting out sugar from your diet is a little extreme. It’s definitely not for everyone. But I still wanted to do it, and here’s why. The first reason, for my daughter. If you didn’t read my post, she recently had food intolerance testing done and is sensitive to sugar and chocolate. If she has to eliminate these foods, then I need to make an effort not to have them in the house. I cannot eat sugary foods around her and expect her not to want them too.

The second reason? To prove to myself that I COULD do it. I could break the addiction and the cycle of turning to chocolate and sweets to satisfy my hunger. I could do it, and I DID do it!

How did I feel? Well it wasn’t the easiest thing I have done, and the first couple of days were the hardest. I was hungry often, and felt light headed and shaky. But by the 3rd day my cravings for sugar were gone, and I wasn’t thinking about chocolate or candy at every meal. I was even offered chocolate and gluten-free snacks at an event, but turned them down. By the end of the week I had lost momentum and the cravings came back. I took my son to Dairy Queen for dessert, and ordered a Dilly Bar. End of sugar purge.

I’m not advising people to go ahead and do this. For me it was a test in a way to prove to myself that I didn’t need the sugar. That I was capable of making healthier choices, and that I have the willpower to say no. And I think that’s key, because my willpower went on vacation for the past couple of months, and I’m glad it’s back.

At this point, I’m feeling a little lost and directionless. My weight loss goal feels like a moving target, and I have no real plan to help me get there. I’m lacking structure and accountability (that WW provided me). I’m feeling that I need to invest in either going back to Weight Watchers or in personal training to help push me to my goal.

Obviously what I have been doing the past few months has not been working for me, so why do I keep doing it? Should I go back to Weight Watchers?

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8 Responses to Vicky – Week 40 – Sugar purge update

  1. OttMomGo says:

    There are many good ideas in the Weight Watchers approach that are worth following: food journalling, using vegetables as an anchor and considering fibre/fat as well as colories. I’m not keen on having to live on restricted calorie/points for the rest of my life, though.

    I think you should try the Vicky Plan because you’ve learned a lot over your life. Calculat the BMR for your goal weight. Set your goal at 1.2 X goal weight BMR, unless you’re always hungry at that number of calories. Eat like the thinner person you want to be. Writing out the details of the Vicky Plan might help, i.e. eat 4 veggies, protein at each meal/snack, drink 3 L of water (or whatever you want to focus on).

    I would love a personal trainer. Sara commented once that her exercise regime gave her respect for her body that made her say “no” to unhealthy food choices. A trainer or workout/exercise goals would good. There is always the Learn to Run clinic at the Running Room.

  2. Shona says:

    I think both options are good options. And that if you can afford both my answer would be, do both! Weight Watchers is working well for me, and combined with regular exercise I am having the most success I have ever had. I need the structure and accountability Weight Watchers provides (but I would skip buying any of their food products). I know you were put off by the new program, but the unlimited fruit and veg helps a lot. You can snack on that any time without worrying (which I found helped at social gatherings that had a lot of tempting treats, but that also had fruit).

    I don’t have a personal trainer, but I have met some people at the gym that act a bit like one for me, so I have been lucky. I think that you would find having a personal trainer excellent, too.

    What were you doing when you were most successful/motivated in the past? Go back to what worked for you.

  3. Lara says:

    I think one of the biggest points of a sugar fast is to cleanse your body and break it of some of its bad habits – it’s not like you’re planning to never eat sugar again when you’re doing one. EESH! ;)

    I have been thinking seriously about trying something entirely different (like Nutrisystem – has anyone tried that?) and hiring someone to come to the gym with me to give me a routine that I can follow with the weight machines and free weights.

    If you think joining weight watchers might work – do it! Meetings would prob be better than online though.

  4. I’ve read in many places that it’s actually a grain intolerance that leads to sugar cravings. Basically an over-growth of yeast in our gut leads to sugar cravings (yeast eats sugar). Have you done any reading into candida, Vicky? Might be worth googling.

    Or what about some sort of incentive/reward system. Take the money you would spent on treats (that $2 DQ treat or $1 pop, etc) and put that money in a jar to do something great for yourself or with your family. Just an idea.

  5. Sara says:

    I like what Barbara said: take when you know and create a plan for you. I know for me it doesn’t really matter what I do I just need to do something (e.g., eat less, exercise more, better quality calories). I’ve been trying to lose weight for 10 years and feel like I should have earned a PhD in the process…the hard part isn’t the knowing but the doing and frankly when it comes to doing I’ve just graduated from kindergarten to elementary school ;)

  6. Karen F says:

    Vicky, I’m doing really badly and have just joined WW meetings instead of the online because I need the extra motivation. I HOPE it works, because I’m slipping. But I was also doing just calorie counting for a while too. Sometimes you just need something different to re-motivate you.

  7. sherrilynne7 says:

    I wish I could offer you advice about getting back on track. I know how hard it is to find your way sometime. Maybe try something completely different? I’ve had some success with the Scarsdale Medical Diet in the past. Why not try it for a couple of weeks?

  8. Nadira says:

    I have done weight watchers twice: the first time I was successful (after my first child). The second time I was not (after my 2nd child). Now my weight has been creeping up and I am officially the heaviest I have ever been in the non-pregnant state. Like you, weight has always been an issue for me. But what I am coming to realize is that this weight issue is a spiritual lesson: I need to love myself enough to do the things that I need to in order to be a healthy person, with a healthy weight. For me, it’s not enough to count points anymore–I have to respect myself more than I want to eat Oreos.

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