Week 39 – Crazy in love

Do you remember the last time one of your friends fell in love?  The truly, madly, deeply sort of love?

How every second word was about his/her beloved.  Their complete absorption and infatuation with the minute details of the other’s persons life.  Their ability to recount second-by-second replays of every conversation and moment spent together.  The blinders they wore that blocked out everything going on around them.  How everything you talked about somehow related back to something their beloved said or did.  How they ate, slept, and breathed the love of their life.

Do you remember being fascinated by the depth of their passion but also a little sick and tired of the minutiae of their love life?

I think I might be that friend.  And the love of my life might be running.  And I might be a bit obsessed.

I collect details like pace, time, and distance about my runs and happily share them with anyone who will listen.  My few running momentos (medals and bibs) are on display in my office and I have my race t-shirts hanging in my closet.  I happily head out three times a week to run, irrespective of weather, exhaustion, and other commitments.  The realization dawned this week that I might be in love when I actually considered skipping an evening event I was excited about because it meant I’d be missing hill training with my running group.

Who the heck considers skipping dinner at a nice restaurant with friends and other like-minded women to run up hills in the heat?

Apparently me. 

I signed up for my first 10K (May Race weekend this year) last September and at the time it seemed like a crazy lofty goal.  Shortly after registering for the race I signed up for a 10K clinic with the Running Room because the thought of figuring out how to actually run 10K on my own was terrifying.

March rolled around and I started my clinic still not really liking running (I described my feeling about running as “I no longer hate it”) even after 6 months of pounding the pavement.  Dislike soon turned to like and last week I found myself registering for the Army Run half marathon on September 18th.  I volunteerily signed myself up to run 21K (and convinced Jenn to run it with me!). 

Because I am apparently a wee bit in love with running. 

(Feel free to skip to the Tale of the Scale if the nausea and eye-rolling at my infatuation has kicked in).

Last Saturday I ran my first race of the season, a 5K for Make A Wish.  It was a great morning: I got to spend time with two good friends, my mom, and of course my husband and boys.


The best part?  I wanted to finish the race in under 35 minutes and I did: in 33 minutes!  A full 13 minutes faster than my last 5K in October. 

But I lied because the very very best part was getting to cross the finish line with my boys :)

The next morning I ran my farthest distance yet (11.25km) and yesterday I set another distance ‘best’ with a 13.2 km run in an hour and forty minutes.  And I’m still shaking my head that I actually ran that far.  And that it didn’t kill me.  And that it was actually kind of fun.

Tale from the Scale

I am still using My Fitness Pal to track every single calorie.  I’ve logged in for 130 consecutive days and tracked everything that passed my lips for that entire time.  For the last two weeks I’ve noticed my calories creeping back up towards 2000 and I will admit that my focus right now is on training and running rather than calories.  After listening to Heather Moxley, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, talk at one of the Running Room clinics I’m refocusing on the types of calories I’m eating.  By further reducing processed foods from my diet I think my caloric intake will drop as my nutrition improves.

Since I last did my measurements on April 26th I have lost a total of three inches and my waist measurement now starts with a 3 (insert happy dance).  The numbers on the scale aren’t dropping as fast as I want them to but I’ve once again dropped a full size and have a full black garbage bag of clothes (from the last month) that no longer fit me.

Because my calories have been creeping up my weight has remained the same.  I really want to hit the 50 pound mark so if you’re on Twitter, or Facebook, or my blog, or know me in real life, please feel free to remind me of my goal.  A “hey keep that 50 lb loss in mind” would be greatly appreciated :)

What’s your health or fitness obsession?

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18 Responses to Week 39 – Crazy in love

  1. jenn says:

    I’m so happy for you that’ve you’ve found a love for running (welcome to the club! I tend to call mine more of obsession though!) I’m so looking forward to doing the army run with you in Septmber! I too am also using fitness pal, I find since I’ve been using it I’ve tracked my claories everysingle day. Congrats again!

    • Sara says:

      Hooray for Army Run (with a teensy dose of ‘what was I thinking when I signed up’ thrown in for good measure)! The only thing I need from My Fitness Pal right now is automated reminders about danger zones and going over my calories…then it would be perfect ;)

  2. JennyB says:

    I know what you mean – once you run further than you ever have before and you’re not crumbling because of it, you’re on such a high. You can do anything. My next goal after the half is to do a try-a-tri. And as usual, I really need to start using my fitness pal. Do you use RunKeeper on your iPhone while you run? it’s awesome!

    Congrats on all your success – and that 50lb mark is just around the corner!! Keep at it!

    • Sara says:

      I will keep on keeping on :)

      I’ve been using the Nike app since I always run with my iPhone. It tracks my pace, distance, calories etc and I have to admit I like seeing those KM in double digits at the end of each week. I saw the tri clinic at the Running Room and seriously considered it until I realized I’m kind of over-committed as it is right now ;)

  3. Julie says:

    My obsession is yoga… I am by no means a purist, I own zero LuluLemon, I don’t even do it every day. But I will happily go to the gym to do a yoga class whereas if it was any other class, I would be staying in bed. I first started taking yoga classes more than ten years ago. I evangelize about yoga, I drag my friends, my family and even my husband to classes. I’ve taken yoga dance classes, restorative yoga classes where we lie on the ground with all limbs supported holding the poses for 10 minutes at a time, hot yoga classes where I almost faint and I swear there are small weather systems forming, and I’ve even taken a class in a pool! It’s good stuff…

    • Sara says:

      I promise to come to Hot Yoga with you, the beginner class, when my babysitters return to town. I really really want to embrace yoga. I think it will be make me a better runner and I could use some practice focusing and not multi-tasking ;)

  4. Shona says:

    Wow! I know the scale numbers seem important, but really listening to you, I would say that the inches and the running goals and the eating more healthy food seem so much more important. You are healthy! You are trimming down. You are looking and feeling good. I think the scale numbers will follow, perhaps maybe more slowly, but they will. And I think the fact that you lost 3 inches from your waist is so impressive! My numbers have slowed down, too, (super frustrating) and I haven’t been taking measurements, and now I think it’s time. I’m super proud of your progress, and you are making tons of it! Regardless of that damn scale! Your love of running is life-changing in a crazy good way. Keep going!!

    • Sara says:

      I need to come back and re-read that wonderful comment again and again….and possibly resign the scale to seclusion for a little bit ;) It’s so hard to focus on healthy and not be all consumed by diet; to focus on what I eat rather than the number (good calories versus empty ones); to focus on being an athlete rather than skinny. As always, your supportive words are an immense help!

  5. 33min!!!!!!!!!!! that’s amazing! 13 min faster! I have so enjoyed reading about your runs here. I am running my first half too at the Army run…last year’s army run was my first 5km! I so get you :) I so do :) and I LOVE IT!!!!! WOOT WOOT!

    • Sara says:

      LOL your enthusiasm is contagious :) I’m exhausted this morning and was in need of a little ‘ra ra’. I think we’ll need to plan a meet-up this summer for all the Losing It runners…a run along the canal and then drinks afterwards :)

  6. I know the feeling of loving running too, only I’ve lost it. It ran away after I had kids. har har ;) Trying to get back into it again and you are such in inspiration! You are doing awesome Sara!

    • Sara says:

      lol and running after kids isn’t running it’s sprinting ;) I hope you find it again soon….I imagine that it didn’t go very far!

      And thank you :)

  7. Jane says:

    We kept ALL the butter tarts and Cookies at home so they would not be calling your name at your place.
    It was truly emotional watching you run to the finish line with your boys – very teary (happy ones :)
    You are an inspiration.


    • Sara says:

      See how awesome my family is ?!? They don’t tempt me with treats they know I can’t resist ;) Even my mother-in-law and husband’s aunt bake healthy desserts for family meals, which is so so so supportive and wonderful!

  8. Sasha says:

    Same as yours, we’re just “on a break” :P

    It’s funny, I was starting to worry too that I might be talking/tweeting/blogging about it too much. Glad to know there’s someone who won’t unfollow me for it ;)

    And that is so cool that you got to finish with your boys! One thing I have worried about, if I actually go on to do organized runs, is that I’m taking time away from family. I’m so glad to hear that it can be a family thing. I guess that’s particularly appropriate for Make a Wish, and come to think of it, didn’t the Firefighter run his own race not too long ago?

    Anyhow, I’m so glad you enjoy it, good for you on keeping it up. I’ll be back at it in a few months, maybe sooner. We’ll see. But the more you talk about it, the more I’m looking forward to it, so keep it coming ;).

    Are you coming to the clothes swap? Bring that bag! I need some clothes that will fit me – for a month ;)

    • Sara says:

      We also have a new plan to make it a family affair. DH is going to rollerblade with the boys in our double BOB stroller (they both have helmets) and I’ll run :) Then I’m not always heading off for long treks on my own. They’ve been to all my races to cheer me on and hang out. They usually run around on the grass, play in the kids area, or when its raining, watch a movie in the van :) And the firefighter will run his first 2K on May race weekend. We’re very excited!!!

      I’m up to three black garbage bags of clothes and they’ll all be there next weekend for the clothes swap. I’m hoping for shorts….not that I need any with this miserable weather but I’m hopeful the sun will arrive soon :)

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