Sherrilynne – Week 12 – From Sri Lanka

Greetings from a beach resort on the Indian ocean, just outside the capital city of Sri Lanka, Columbo.  I’ve been on the move for a full week now having visited four countries (well, five actually but I can’t count Germany because it was only a transit stop and I so there is no stamp in my passport).  So how is my diet going while I’ve been on the road?

Not too badly actually.  I’ve been keeping track of my Propoints with no problem.  It’s a good way to help me make good choices.  For example they seem to serve rice three meals a day in this part of world…and rice means lots of Propoints.  So I’ve been asking them to hold the rice and throw some extra fruit or veg on my plate instead.  This really helps me keep within my 29 ppt limit.  One challenge, however has been …well beer.  You see it’s really hot here.  It was very hot in Singapore.  It was unbearably hot  in Melaka, Malaysia and it was scorching in Kuala Lumpur.  And hot, humid weather seems to make beer taste soooo good. I’ve been limiting it to two or three bottles a day, but at 3ppts each, beer is a very expensive indulgence.  

Oh well. My hope is the miles and miles of walking is helping to keep the situation under control.  I’ve been averaging 7 to 12 kms walking a day.  And, I’ve been carrying a 12 kilo backpack for most of it.

Tale of the scale

I’m afraid I’ve not a clue what information the scales would hold for me.  I’ve not been anywhere near a scale this past week.  There was one of those pay-scales at a craft market in Kuala Lumpur, but I didn’t have the correct coins.  And I very nearly stepped on the scales at the KL airport as booked in for our flight to Colombo, but I didn’t have the bottle. I was just too embarrassed to actually do it.

So sorry, no update for you this week.  But I’m feeling pretty good about how I’ve been doing and have every confidence that I will avoid gaining weight while traveling.  Hopefully I’ll even manage to lose a few ounces.  My next report in two weeks will be from Vietnam.  Wish me luck.

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4 Responses to Sherrilynne – Week 12 – From Sri Lanka

  1. Karin says:

    Keeping track of your propoints while on vacation is a huge committmentm, one that a lot of people wouldn’t make. You go girl!

  2. JennyB says:

    I agree – tracking on vacation can’t be easy! Good for you. Enjoy the heat and the vacay and drink LOTS of water. It’s a win win in that weather.

  3. Sasha says:

    That you are tracking at all is a huge accomplishment, and no matter what happens when you get back to the scale, it’s bound to be better than it would have been otherwise.

    Still, fingers crossed for a loss, you’ll have earned it :)

  4. Sherrilynne says:

    Hey guys…I found some scales and am exactly the same weight as before I set out on my holiday. Result!

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