Sasha – Week 15 – I Am Not A Runner

I have run in exactly one foot-race in my life (if you discount the three-legged variety). It was at an Air Cadet sports meet, and I was there to hang with my friends. I certainly wasn’t there to do anything… sporty. But there was a scheduling conflict, and since I was the only one who wasn’t playing volleyball, Nikki (the team captain) nominated me to run in the cross country race.

I told them I couldn’t run. I told them I would come in dead last. I told them I wasn’t even sure I’d get to the finish line, but nobody believed me. So off I went.

The race was along a country road, out to a turn-around point and then back again. After a couple of run/walk intervals, I fell in with a gaggle of girls who weren’t all that interested in running either. And when I was ready to run again, they still weren’t all that interested, so I kept walking. Making new friends was much more fun than running.

Eventually, my new friends became bored with the whole endeavour, and decided to turn back. Now, I was not a runner, but I was not a quitter either. So I kept going. I ran a bit, I walked a bit. The road was hot, and dusty, and arrow-straight. Straight enough to see that the turn-around point was still a long way off. Straight enough to see that I was the only ‘runner’ left.

The approach to the turn-around point seemed to last forever. I felt silly, jogging clumsily up to the judges waiting in the back of a pickup truck. Too tired to run, too embarrassed to walk, I looked nobody in the eye and focussed instead on the dusty orange cone in the middle of the road. I rounded the cone and headed for home.

By the time I got back to the finish line, it was mostly deserted. Even my new friends had finished the race ahead of me, without troubling to tell anyone how far they had (or hadn’t) run. Everyone was gone.

Everyone, that is, except Nikki. And Martin. And Dave and Mark and Jen. My teammates were there to cheer me across the finish line with a hero’s welcome. I still felt a little silly, but all in all, it felt pretty good.

And Nikki looked at me and said “Wow, you really aren’t a runner, are you?”



I’m still not a runner, although I have started running. Just as a means to an end, though: running burns calories faster than walking, and baby isn’t ready for a bicycle trailer. And I’ve been very careful, these past 15 weeks, not to set lofty goals.

But something happens to me when I run. I get ambitious. I picture myself finishing that first 5 K, and it feels good. Really, really good.

Biweekly Perspective

In the past two weeks, I have lost 0.2 pounds, and then gained 0.7, for a net gain of half a pound. I’ve been struggling, and didn’t think I was doing that badly, but the gaps in my journal speak volumes. There are things I know I can do better, like drinking more water and getting more exercise, and I’m going to try and do those things.

And when I put it in perspective, I think I’m still doing ok:

Most importantly, it’s time to focus on what got me here: writing every bite. We’ll save the 5K for another day.

But I’m still going to keep running. I may not be a runner, but I’m not a quitter, either.


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20 Responses to Sasha – Week 15 – I Am Not A Runner

  1. Shona says:

    Such a good post! You are a great story teller! I’m so glad you are not a quitter. I think that is the most important factor, since there will always be ups and downs. I find the times when I gain a bit give me a kick in the pants to refocus and work on the things I know I need to work on more. Keep going, you know you can do it!

    • Sasha says:

      Thank you Shona! That’s awesome that you can turn the gains into a kick in the pants. Sometimes that works for me, although more often it tends to soften my resolve, and I have to find something else to kick it into gear. Usually something I find on Losing It :)

  2. Sara says:


    You’re a writer and a runner ;)

    I have been in denial for months about being a runner. I was running several times a week but not a runner because I was (quoting myself) ‘too fat to be an athlete’

    Turns out, I’m a runner, just like you! I hope you continue to embrace running because I have to say its gone from being dreaded to something I really enjoy doing. And it brings out the best of my naturally competitive nature and striving for better times every time I lace on my shoes.

    Here’s to pavement pounding!!!!

    • Sasha says:

      You know, that’s it. I just don’t have the physique (or the finesse), so how could I be a runner? Oddly enough, I think that pushing a stroller is helping – it’s like it gives me something to hide behind. But hey, whatever works.

      Thanks for the encouragement, on both fronts :)

  3. Donna says:

    You can totally do the 5k in May – – I think it may be full but there are lots of other races you could do….I will do it regardless of where I am in terms of intervals. i ran 4k yesterday in 7s and 1s and it was manageable. i’ll keep picking at it until I get there. I would love to run a race with you this summer!

    • Sasha says:

      Hi Donna! I did actually start looking at races (after reading your comment). I think the challenge now is finding one where I can run with my stroller (because I’m not sure I can run without it :), and those early morning starts (yes, 9 is early, when we tend to get up around then lately!!)

  4. Annie B says:

    Great post!!
    Now i want to go for a run!! haha.
    keep up the good work and thanks for inspiring me to go work out and possibly run on the treadmill. :)
    Have a great day!!!!

    • Sasha says:

      Go for it! I just got back, the weather was perfect for it. Of course, the handy thing about the treadmill is the weather is always perfect.

  5. OttMomGo says:

    You might not be a runner – yet. But you could be. Sign up for a 5k, no matter how long you run before your walk break. It is truly an amazing experience.

    And. It always comes down to the journal. Sucks but it’s true.

    Good luck over the next 2 weeks.

    • Sasha says:

      Thanks Barbara! I’ve been peeking around, and Emilie’s Run (from the Aviation Museum) allows strollers. The Army Run, which is a timeline I like better (September) only allows them if you walk. My girlfriend the triathlete, who used to work for Somersault (they do Emilie’s Run), assures me that they never sell out. Hmm… We’ll see.

  6. Lara says:

    I totally get every part of this post :)

    I’m not a quitter either, even when I sometimes want to be. Yay us :)

    • Sasha says:

      I think that’s the single most important thing. We may take breaks, and I don’t know about you but sometimes mine go longer than I’d like, but at least we keep chipping away at it… that’s how you get to the finish line. I’ll see you there ;)

  7. I love that your not a quitter, you will get very far, very far indeed that way :)

  8. Finola says:

    I have to echo what everyone else has said. You are running, so you are a runner.
    And way to go on not quitting that race. That shows a lot about you and what you can accomplish. Lovely post Sasha!

    • Sasha says:

      Thanks Finola. When I started this post, I hadn’t intended to tell that story, except maybe in passing. But it helped remind me what I can accomplish, too. I think we all need to do that sometimes.

  9. JennyB says:

    You sure sound like a runner to me! Keep it up. It’s amazing how quickly you can catch the running bug.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Way to go Sasha! I LOVE that you are not a quitter!!! Good girl. :)

    If you have never done one before, look in to the Running Room clinics – they are freaking awesome! And the social aspect is the icing on the cake.

    Never never never give up. ~Winston Churchill

    Have a great day! One foot in front of the other….

    • Sasha says:

      Thanks Jenn! I tried a Running Room clinic a few years ago with a girlfriend – she when on to do triathlons, I went on to sprain my ankle ;). I don’t think I was ready for it at that point, but I probably am now. Do you know if you can do them with a running stroller? I don’t think I can run without one now!

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