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Coreen – Let’s talk feet

The time has finally come for me to admit I’ve got weird feet. Well, actually, I seem to recall needing to compensate for supination when I ran in high school, so it’s time for me to re-admit I’ve got weird … Continue reading

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Erin: recap June 13 to June 26

I had made it clear that my intent was to walk at least once a day. I wasn’t setting any requirements for distance traveled or time spent; I simply wanted to make sure that I would walk once a day. … Continue reading

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Erin: Setting specific and realistic goals

First impressions I’m new here, so I’ll take a moment to tell you a bit about who I am. My name is Erin; I’m 36 years old. I’m married, I don’t have any children1. I moved to Ottawa in February … Continue reading

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Postcard from France

A person better at planning ahead than me would probably have prepared a post for when she was on vacation*. I suspect that people who are good at planning ahead also prepare meal plans, pre-fill food diaries and don’t need … Continue reading

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Samantha – Sweatfest Summer 2012

I am never one to complain about the heat or the humidty. I love love love love summer and never wish the warm days away because we never have a long enough summer in my opinion. That being said, last … Continue reading

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Barbara – Food court and beyond

I met Lara for lunch at Billingsbridge Shopping Centre last week. Amy Boughner, asked me through Twitter if I were going to write about how to eat healthily at a food court.  I’m not shy about taking writing tips. Today, I’m providing my answers to Amy’s question: If … Continue reading

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Sasha – Week 17 – Water, Water, Everywhere

Are you up for a little brainstorming session? Last week, the cyber-dog ate my homework, and while he did apologize afterwards, I still found myself short one blog post. So I thought I’d let you write it for me. The … Continue reading

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Jay – The Weekend To End Women’s Cancers

Losing it Ottawa has a team and you can join! Have you wondered what The Weekend is really like? Thought that there is no way you could raise that amount of money? Thought that you might be interested in joining? This is … Continue reading

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Tracey – Week 13 – Happy

Good news. I feel like I got my groove back, fully, finally. Last time we met I was almost there, but still a bit sluggish. The ankle express has been busy bopping all over the city! I also started using … Continue reading

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Karen – Week 23 – Reflections

It’s week 23 and I am frustrated with myself. I don’t really have any progress to report this week, because I don’t think I made any and perhaps my subconscious decided to conveniently forget that today was my weigh-in day. … Continue reading

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