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Fall colours renew me – Barbara

There are some that watch for the first hints of spring and make plans for cleaning, new starts and recommitments. I am not among them, though I do love the spring. Fall is my season. I ran along the Ottawa … Continue reading

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Jenn – The Big 3 – Oh No! Wait a Minute!

So next week I am celebrating a mile stone. Next week, I turn the big 30. I don’t know about you, but throughout my life I’ve always had a “plans”.  Future plans: lose (insert number here) pounds by this date, run a … Continue reading

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Ronald – Week 12 – Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day My mother was a young teenager when I was born.  My father, a little older, left town rather than step up to take responsibility for his actions.  So it was left to my mother to raise me.  She … Continue reading

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Jay – Week 10 – Help! I need a strategy!

You know what I realized this week? I need a strategy to help me deal with situations. You see  – I KNOW. I know that burning more calories than you consume = weight loss. It’s a simple concept. I get it. … Continue reading

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Ronald – Week 7 – It’s all greek to me

I had the opportunity, through being a member of this blog, to participate in a President’s Choice demo of their Healthy Insider’s Report 2011.  They focused on a couple of recipes that were really quite good.  The first was Crunchy Mango Parfait … Continue reading

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Coreen – Week 3 – Feeling good!

Meal planning has been a big help for me over the past two weeks. Last week, well actually the Friday before, I sat down and searched my cookbooks. Yes, real paper cookbooks – my favorite is a one-dish dinners book; … Continue reading

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Ronald’s Losing It Journey Starts… Now!

I have competing body images of myself.  When I don’t see myself in the mirror for a bit I forget that I’m fat or overweight.  I feel strong and vigorous. I feel like I can do anything. I ran two … Continue reading

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Barbara – Week 16 – Rest of my life

As I wrote last week, I went to New York for a week with my husband and daughter. It was a chance to check the habits that I’ve established over the last 15 weeks while travelling and with my husband in the mix. The … Continue reading

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Barbara – Week 12 – Can we talk about men?

November will be a big month at our house. At some point, my husband will reappear and there will be much rejoicing. And, probably, much celebratory eating. There will, in all likelihood, be simply much eating. He’s been eating at … Continue reading

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Barbara – Week 5 – Be prepared

My life usually zooms by in a blur but these last 7 days have been more like the 4X fast forward on the DVR than the usual 2X speed. At one point I was lamenting having gone apple picking last … Continue reading

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