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Sara – What will it take

Last week Barbara tweeted this quote to Sasha: You can have it all just not at the same time And I feel like I am living proof of that.  In fact I should have it penned on my arm or forehead as a … Continue reading

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Sara – The Social Media Diet

Two weeks agoI talked about how I’ve lost 50 pounds and the oftentimes disappointed faces I encounter when I tell people the secret to my success is eating less food and exercising.  There is also the refusal to make excuses for … Continue reading

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Sasha – Success Begets Success

I am constantly being inspired by the Losing It community. Maranda tweets a yummy, healthy lunch, and suddenly I’m eating better lunches. Brie issues a twitter #saladchallenge, and not only am I inspired by the tasty suggestions, I start experimenting … Continue reading

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Sara – The Puking Christmas Tree

If my three-year old’s room wasn’t right next to the bathroom where we keep the scale there would have been much shouting and leaping about when I stepped on the scale last weekend and realized I’d lost fifty pounds. Instead there … Continue reading

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Sasha – The Physics of Air Travel

Do you know what happens when an airplane stalls?  I’m not talking about the engine stalling, although that happens sometimes too; but even a glider can stall. When an airplane is flying, the airflow over the wings looks like this: … Continue reading

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Sara – Week 41 – Celebrate

Last Friday was my birthday.  And unlike previous years where my birthday lasted weeks and months, this one thankfully only lasted a day. Because birthdays and holidays and special occasions have always been an excuse to eat. It’s my birthday … Continue reading

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Week 39 – Crazy in love

Do you remember the last time one of your friends fell in love?  The truly, madly, deeply sort of love? How every second word was about his/her beloved.  Their complete absorption and infatuation with the minute details of the other’s … Continue reading

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Sara – Week 37 – Who’s got your back?

Please ignore the oozing wound on my shoulder. And that exaggerated limp when I start running?  It goes away. And even though I wince when I reach for the upper cupboard, I’ll be okay. The bruise on my chest?  I … Continue reading

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Sasha – Week 15 – I Am Not A Runner

I have run in exactly one foot-race in my life (if you discount the three-legged variety). It was at an Air Cadet sports meet, and I was there to hang with my friends. I certainly wasn’t there to do anything… … Continue reading

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Sara – Week 35 – Don’t you feel guilty?

I’m almost a month into my 10K Running Room clinic.  Six more weeks until my 10K.  And just for fun I signed up for the Share the Power of a Wish 5K on May 7th: I want to finish the race in … Continue reading

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