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Tracey: The End of 2012

When I started looking back on the last year, all of the incredible adventures, challenges, faces and places made me smile a huge, beaming toothy grin. It’s been an incredible year. There have been lows, of course, but as in … Continue reading

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Tracey: Booty Break And What Next?

We’ve entered the month of March with a lion’s roar, but instead of going out like a lamb, I intend on keeping the King Of The Jungle as my mascot! Booty Camp finished up its 8 week run for me, … Continue reading

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Tracey: Make It Personal!!

                                                                         As I’ve travelled down this path of finding a new balance in my life, I’ve encountered so much encouragement, enthusiasm and positivity. It’s been a fantastic way to bring new like-minded individuals into my circle, ones that get where … Continue reading

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Tracey: Reality Vs Expectation

                                                  Even though I try really hard to focus on the journey and not the end result in most cases, some part of me still hopes for that miracle cure to get me where I want to be. I’m not … Continue reading

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Coreen – BootyCamp final report (for now)

I had my final BootyClass Fitness session on Tuesday.  When I signed up I had no idea what I was getting in to; I was originally going to try out a Zumba class, but my friend pulled a last minute … Continue reading

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Coreen – Week of oww, but in a good way

I’ve now got 3 Booty Camp Fitness classes under my belt, and I can honestly say it’s whipping my butt. The first session a week ago Tuesday left me tired and feeling not too bad, until I woke up Wednesday … Continue reading

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Coreen – Well that was random.

My last post saw me admitting some of my fears, apprehensions and reasons  (silly as they may be) for not having set foot in a gym in the 6 or so months I’ve had a membership. I received great encouragement and ideas … Continue reading

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Barbara – Failing the Playground

Summer is slipping away. I’m looking forward to the crisper fall weather and the ripe apples and leaves to crunch through that it brings. Knowing that our chances for trips to the playground are getting limited, though, Reid, Ken and I headed over to our local playground one … Continue reading

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Barbara – Week 38 – What are you listening to?

I’m a long-time podcast listener. They help meet my insatiable need for information and quiet my mental fidgets. Since starting my fitness and weight loss journey, I’ve sought out related podcasts. My commute, especially, gives me lots of time to … Continue reading

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Ronald – Week 5 – Fart Salad

Over the next two weeks the Losing It In Ottawa team will be sharing some of the recipes we’ve been using lately. I have the privileged of leading off the line up and my selection is Fart Salad, or rather that’s what … Continue reading

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