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Karen – Paying off my debts

If you’re a member of our Facebook group (the group is closed, but anyone is welcome to join – just ask), you may have already read that I’ve been thinking long and hard about whether or not to continue blogging for … Continue reading

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Join us and Run for the Cure!

Last year, just weeks after we started the Losing it in Ottawa blog, we decided to participate in the CIBC Run for the Cure as a team. Donna shared her personal experiences of participating in the past, which got all … Continue reading

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Karen – So simple and yet…not

Week 52 One year ago we started Losing it in Ottawa. One year ago, I boasted that I wanted to lose 10 pounds in 8 weeks. And I did. That first 8 weeks, I lost 10.3 pounds and I did … Continue reading

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Karen – Lessons learned in times of stress and busyness

For the past two weeks, I’ve been immersed in final preparations for the Social Capital Conference. I went into this last couple of weeks hoping that I could keep up some semblance of an attempt at maintaining my running schedule … Continue reading

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Karen – Priceless gifts

Week 47 Today is my birthday and I have some special presents for myself – a few things I’ve been gifted with over the last year. 1) The knowledge that I CAN. I CAN lose weight. I CAN exercise. I … Continue reading

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Karen – What’s your currency?

Week 45 It finally happened – I completely flaked on doing my LIO post last night and just realized it. I apologize and blame it on being fairly batterscrained lately. (That’s an actual medical condition, BTW. Totally. Look it up. … Continue reading

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Karen – Did I mention I hate running? About that…

Week 43 Two weeks ago, I boldly proclaimed to the world that I was going to start running. Yeah, no I didn’t do that. Actually, I got stuck on the whole coyote sighting issue and then did some research to … Continue reading

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Karen – Week 41 – Rejigging, rethinking…it’s starting to work

Have you ever used writing to wrap your head around how you feel about something? That pretty much sums up my entire reason for writing. So, when I wrote my last two posts two weeks ago and last week, I … Continue reading

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Getting over a plateau requires rejigging, rethinking your approach

We’re in a period of transition here at Losing it in Ottawa. Perhaps it hasn’t been as obvious until last week with Lara’s post, but this transition has been slowly happening for a while. Lara shared her thoughts last week … Continue reading

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Karen – Week 39 – Something had to give

I have written here about my struggle to get back on track for months now. I’ve had very little progress in this new year. In fact, what progress I’ve had, I think I lost because I’m up 2 pounds. This … Continue reading

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