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Running, burning and sweating

For lack of a better title, I have been running, burning and sweating. But not in the sense that you would have imagined. My running is from the photocopy room to my classroom. The burning? Not calories, but the candle, … Continue reading

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Vicky – Happiness and a year in review

I’ve passed the 1 year mark as a Losing it Ottawa team member, and I can’t believe how much has changed during that time. Not only me, but how this group has evolved into an invaluable  support network. I had … Continue reading

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Vicky – summer is for vacations, right?

I’m not adverse to trying new things to lose weight. Some things work for a little while, otheres not so much. Recently I tried this radical new diet, and dropped 6 pounds in a week! Here’s what you do, go … Continue reading

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Vicky – Choosing *one* thing

I know I’ve written about this before, about how amazing this community is and how much it has helped me on this journey. If anyone out there looking for weight loss suggestions and ideas were to stumble on this site, … Continue reading

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Vicky – Inspiration comes from different places

Sometimes blog inspiration comes from something I have to get off my chest, the words just flow effortlessly. Other times my ideas come from conversations I have with friends, like the one I had with Sara just last week. Forgive … Continue reading

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Vicky – In maintenance mode

Yesterday Sasha talked about the physics of air travel (aren’t her posts awesome!) nose diving and pulling up at the right speed. I have to admit I’m not a big fan of flying, but I thought her analogy was very … Continue reading

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Vicky – Week 40 – Sugar purge update

Two weeks ago I wrote about my addiction to sugar. Then I challenged you all to join me on a sugar purge. Did any of you try it? I managed to cut sugar out of my diet for an entire … Continue reading

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Vicky – Week 38 – Sugar Sugar

Sugar. It’s sweet. It’s delicious. It brightens up my day. It’s everywhere. And it’s addictive. It’s no secret, I am a sugar-a-holic. I get cravings for sweet things and once I have the taste on my lips I want more, and … Continue reading

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Vicky – Week 36 – Like a good supportive bra

There is so much good stuff on Losing it in Ottawa. Weight loss tips, healthy eating strategies, personal stories of triumph and downfalls, water challenges, recipe challenges, exercise challenges, contests, giveaways, and more support than a Lululemon Sports Bra. We … Continue reading

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Vicky – Week 34 – Effort

Tonight as I sped-walked on the treadmill, The Biggest Loser happened to be on the tv in front of me. This isn’t a show I usually watch, but I was curious so left it on. And it got me thinking … Continue reading

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